Mazda RX8 R3 CAR review

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    By Jesse Crosse

    First drive
    16 July 2008

    Mazda has been producing rotary engines since the year dot and they’ve become the company’s trademark long after others have given up on the idea. Yet rotary engines – like the new Mazda RX-8’s – are hard to justify.

    Compared to a piston engine, they were always known for gobbling fuel, using oil and suffering from premature wear. The upside is they sound fantastic and go like the clappers, the RX-8’s revving to 9000rpm before the rev limiter calls time.

    The Mazda RX-8 was originally launched in 2003 and has just undergone a facelift emerging as the RX8 R3. It’s got the latest RENESIS twin-rotor engine in which, after donkeys years of development, most of those problems have been licked. It’s also had a makeover in other areas too.

    Right, so what’s new on the Mazda RX-8 R3?

    Externally, there’s a standard Sports Styling Pack with new front bumper, side skirts, rear wing and the RX-8 also gets 19-inch wheels clad with 225/40 tyres. But as you discover from the driving seat in the first half mile, there have been a few changes under the skin.

    The bodyshell has been stiffened and dampers, springs, bushes and anti-roll bars revised including the use of Bilstein sports suspension and a urethane-filled front cross member. At the rear, the multi-link suspension has been tuned to improve both the ride and handling.

    The RENESIS rotary engine has undergone a few subtle changes too, such as an improved oil metering system (the engine mixes tiny amounts of oil with the fuel to lubricate the rotor tips) and there’s a new type of knock sensor.

  2. God i love rotaries!
  3. im surprised they havent given up on the idea with the gas prices these days. my friend got rid of his RX8 last year saying he couldnt take it anymore, it was either drive incredibly slow, or get 13mpg. since the car had like 0 torque off the line, he had to be pretty hard on the gas to even keep up with traffic. he had an automatic though.
  4. You know someone that bought an auto RX8? What the faaaaaaark.
  6. seriously
  8. I guess ctrl c + ctrl v isn't enough to get you to change pages now either <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  9. An auto RX8 feels more sluggish than a base model Civic.
  10. he leased it, and it was all they had. his previous car was a stick.

    and theres a surprising amount of auto RX8s. every time i peek into one in the parking lot, it has an auto. maybe its because the manual RX8s are too busy being driven than being left in parking lots though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    and even the manual RX8 is more sluggish than a civic, at least off the line. i know this because my father has a new civic, and i totally owned a manual RX8 owner at a light. he was very upset and wanted a rematch from a roll. best part is, i wasnt even trying to race him, i was just trying to see what the civic can do.

    im also very happy to report that the civic was the most unexpectedly pleasant car to drive. its little engine is so eager it cant help but make me smile every time. and the steering feels very good, the tiniest adjustment can be felt instantly.
    i think a manual civic coupe has to be the best deal on the market for a new car right now. the civic Si, although a nice car to drive, feels like a rip off. if the base civic didnt exist, it would be a good deal, but you just dont see that extra 5 grand in the civic Si.
  11. can i ask you guys something. Ignore my lack of knowledge guys but im seriously considering getting one of these. Given the shitty fuel prices, is the rotary a better fuel consumption offer?? Thanks guys.
  12. Lol. You have to spin a honda motor to infinity before making power. Atleast most rotaries run on cheap crap fuel.
  13. i dont mind the suttle changes they have made to the car.

    and yeah shit i love rotaries also!!
  14. As long as the 350Z exists I'll never understand why some people buy these.
  15. AHAHA! NO!

    it drinks more fuel than a V8. While offering less TORK than a weedeater.
  17. civics dont require any special fuel... maybe the Si does?

    and your logic is flawed, even if a rotary uses cheaper fuel, it uses twice as much. might as well get some american V8 and fill it with the same shit fuel, and get the same shit mileage, but get twice the power
  18. some people are PUSSIES and want FAGGOT things like trunkspace and rear seats. FAGGOS
  19. Those pictures look like shitty versions of your style.
  20. Still would rather import a 3rd gen, 13b REW ftw.
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    Never saw an intelligent answer to your question so here it goes:

    The rotary motor first of all was essentially development of a compact, high hp (not torque) motor for racing. This is done because they do not need valves, pistons/rods etc. Now, the design while compact still resulted in it being heavy, about the same as an equiv. cast iron block engine. In the older first gens of RXes, a swap of an amer v8 could improve balance due to shorter trannys actually sitting back further. But the high RPMs possible for extremely long periods of time, ideal for racing. Proof, a video that has been floating for a long period of time

    Note that it goes because of heat, not direct mechanical failure.

    As for new ones, it depends on how you drive. Modestly, it is very nice. The fuel consumption is not that good driving spirited because it gets its power through gearing and RPMS. As such, gotta burn more gas to get the power and no torque. This means no bottom end acceleration. The seals on the rotor apex (apex seals) require minute ammounts of oil but that is really nothing if you get reg oil changes.

    Where the RX's really shine is handling. They are a wonderful car in winding roads. However, with the comeback of affordable RWD performance. There are other decent handling cars in the price range with more power.

    It is a shame really, if they had a turbo model like the FD, the RX8 would be my car of choice. Even more so if a convertible. However, with no windy roads where I live, I have been saving my money for the Camaro SS conv. In the end though, RX-8 is great if you are looking for a touring car. Something you can go ripping on roads for a weekend. If you want something with performance, try out other coupes.
  22. FD or FC pleeze
  23. lol fc
  24. Because it looks much better, has more room, a more sophisticated chassis, and the novelty factor of the rotary engine.

    There's nothing wrong with the 350 engine, but the fact that it can be found in everything from bleh family sedans to bleh SUVs makes it infinitely less unique than the renesis.
  25. And unfortunately, that is the problem with the tuner generation, the rotary is by far the better motor for high strung applications, but its uniqueness means that most "tuners" won't develop performance parts for it other than the bolt on garbage. I drive hard and higher rpm, even more so if had a bad day, that alone makes the RX8 my choice over the Z since I really won't have to worry about engine problems so much. ROtary's can take a whipping alot more.

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