Mc Laren Who???

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  1. Mc Laren doesn't have a prayer...forget the fact that their only true world class driver got fed up of that stupid Ron Dennis and took a sabatical, and that David Coulthard has more mouth than ability, or the fact that Kimi is a baby, the only thing Mc Laren had going for them last year was their aero package, becasue at 810 bhp, they were drastically underpowered to the F2001's 840bhp and william's 880bhp. This season, Ron Dennis says he has 40 more bhp to work with...WOW RoN!!!!!! a whole 40?????? Last Years BMW was Faster than that, and you're now only what 10bhp faster than the OLD Ferrari, niether of whom have launched their car's yet and both of whom are expected to be hitting around the 900bhp mark.
    Mc Laren made another mistake, and that was giving Bridgestone to Micheal Schumacher, he now has Ferrari to do whatever he wants to his car, and Bridgestone all to himself...hell if he wanted gold in the tyre, they would put it in for him!!! Ferrari now has the exclusive testing and development rights, to a tyre compnay which have been in the F1 business longer than Michelin, and due to their curvature, they give better aero stability than michein flat top whatever aero advantage Mc Laren may have had over BMW Williams, just got eaten into...
    Someone said the direction ferrari has to go is down...well, maybe in the next 3-4 for now, with their radical new transmission which is going to give them even more on road stability due to its setup, an engine which would throw out around 900 bhp and obviously by far the most talented aero dynamists in the world in the form of Penin Ferina, together with the greatest breaking developers Brembo, or one of the greatest engine electronic developers magnetti marelli, and now Vodofone for their communication and telemtery any of you really think ferrari is going "down" anytime soon ???
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    whoa man that is a long ass message! you have a lot of time on your hands. <!-- Signature -->
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    Er, just one point, If this person that you are talking about that is the greatest aerodynamicist in the world(?) is the same person that I is thinkin about is the same, then you is a bit mistaken. 'Pinin' Farina has never actually designed a F1 car, let alone a road car in his life. Sergio(I think thats his real name) Farina only ever managed(and Founded) the great Italian styling house. He left the designing to others. Also Very few of Ferrari's racing cars have been designed by external companies, and Pininfarina only design the road cars. Currently, ferrari's aerodynamics are designed by Rory Byrne, but I aint sure.
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    Like I said before, if only McLaren still had Senna......<!-- Signature -->

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