MC12 & LaFerrari

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by COUNTACH, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. My friend who owns Prestige Lambo in FL got a gorgeous
    Maser MC12 in showroom.
    Also a La Ferrari & of course tons of Lambos

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  2. Side, it's the only Edo built for street.
    Hmmm. F40, new Ford GT, or MC12?

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  3. Love the MC12, always preferred it over the Enzo by a ton.
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  4. Is it reliable?
  5. Mc12 gets my vote.
  6. She'll be high maintenance like any super model. This one has like 50,000 miles which I think is good, they just get better the more you drive them
  7. Wow kudos to the owner for actually driving it some.
  8. Not driving your super car is like not shaggy my your GF so the next guy can enjoy her.

    Whining about mileage on an MC12 is like whining about miles on a 250 GTO
  9. I would guess a good percentage of such cars' buyers get them for show and investment more than for driving.

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