McLaren 675LT Leaked

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    The next big thing from sports car manufacturer McLaren has leaked online.

    Called the 675LT it’s based on the same underpinnings of the 650S but amps up the performance and style.

    With a name inspired by the McLaren F1 Long Tail, the LT puts the focus on aerodynamics with 40 percent more downforce.

    It also makes more power with the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 making 675 hp (hence the name), while torque is raised to 516 lb-ft.

    With official photos of the 675LT expected soon, the car will make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
  2. the exhausts are very F430 Scud/458 Speciale
  3. I'd rather the Ferrari 488
  4. The tail doesn't look that long.
  5. "With a name inspired by the McLaren F1 Long Tail..."

    It's an LT in name only.
  6. the back exhausts
  7. McLaren need to balance the form/function ratio... Frank Stephenson is having very tough and challenging job there
  8. Canadian supercar FTW!!!
  9. Still not loving these modern day McLarens.
  10. Disagree. I think they look great. The P1 is great. Its not beautiful. But its menacing and handsome. Everything on it looks like it should be there. The 12c was a little understated. But looked nice and the updates to it are only making it better.
    I think the styling department is nailing the mix of form and function.
    I mean look at it competition. The LaF looks like a barbie car and the 918 is boooring.
  11. Innotech throwing down with the obscure supercar knowledge again.
  12. Whats the point of this car where does it leave the 650S?
  13. I'd suspect its an evolutionary replacement. Probably something to keep the car fresh and competitive till they have something all new to replace the 12c outright.

  14. The 650s came out like last week with the same exact purpose

    Feels like they're trying to scam rich people with the "latest and greatest." They must be learning from Aston and Ferrari
  15. Yet the p1 gets spanked at a race track by both the 918 and the LaF. A regular 918 (non-weisach) just beat a p1 wearing Trofeo R's around Laguna Seca by 0.8 seconds. That's a pretty poor performance considering it was basically wearing slicks.
  16. I didn't say that the P1 was the best performer. I said I think it had the best mix of form and function stylistically. The Laf is too stylized. The 918 isn't quite stylized enough. This car nails it IMO.
  17. 0.8 seconds??

    NO WAY
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  19. This car is McLaren's Speciale competitor.

    You think there is no point to a car that is 220 lb lighter than a 650S, with more power and torque, 40% more downforce, totally revised electronics?


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