McLaren F1 at the Ring

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by Hyundai Driver, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. THAT is #$%#ing awesome!
  2. what a sound!
  3. ooh, very nice
  4. is that the member (and F1 owner) of pistonheads known as flemke?
    he made some very nice contributions to the forums there!
  5. Indeed it's flemke.
    Seems like a great guy from what he posts on PH.
  6. oh my god that is sweet. Mclaren still my favorite.
  7. Is flemke Mr. bscher?
  8. That dude in the video didn't look anything like Thomas so I really doubt it.

    Is the a thread on PH about these videos?
  9. in-#$%#in-crediable
  10. That had to be one of the most boring racing vids I've ever seen.
  11. Racing?

    He was just enjoying a spirited drive, what were you expecting?
  12. Maybe a little more in the throttle or more speed through the corners, you can enjoy a spirited drive on most back roads, if your at a racetrack at least have some fun damnit.
  13. From the man himself:

    "With respect to the times of laps from which the video was made:
    One could take the durations from the original video of two complete laps. On the day that the video was done, however, there were two areas of major roadworks, as well as some traffic that got in the way at the wrong times. The actual lap times are therefore meaningless.
    If you want an idea of the potential of the car, as described on PH recently, a man who knows a lot more than I ever will do thinks that 7:45-50 (on appropriate road tyres) is about right.
    If you want an idea of the incompetence of the driver, when I'm trying my hardest my times in a "reference" car appear to be about 6% slower than von Saurma's time in "Sport Auto".
    As mentioned above and cited by others, in this case I was just experimenting with recent suspension changes and was not trying even at my own mediocre level to push things. For example, 90% of the shifts were short, and as I recall I did not bother with second and fifth gears.
    If the laps had been clear sailing, but nonetheless done at the medium pace shown in the clips, my guess is that the laps would have been around nine minutes."
  14. still no reason not to have a little fun in the clear areas of the course, all I was saying is that for a McLaren it was kinda boring.
  15. Had you been driving, I doubt you'd be saying that.
  16. well, no, had I been driving, I would have had alot of fun, but it just didn't get me excited by watching it on my computer screen, not like some of the other car vids i've watched.
  17. Anybody dare to say Mclaren F1 have poor handling should need head examinations...
  18. Maybe the F1's poor handling is a myth!
  19. Flemke

    An explanation of the idiotic-looking gloves (feeling defensive here):
    I hate using driving gloves because they're hot and take away a bit of feel, not to mention the fact that they look pretentious.
    In the F1 for some time I have been using a suede-covered wheel because suede gives better grip than alcantara or various leathers. The car requires quite an effort to turn the wheel and I am not a strong guy, so the extra grip somewhat eases that effort.
    Whether it be in shoes or on steering wheels, suede loses its tactility quickly. Most PH'ers will have felt an well-used suede wheel and would agree, I trust, that it looks and feels pretty awful and also will have lost its grippiness.
    To delay the deterioration of the suede I wear gloves, which in my case keep oil from my skin off the suede.
    I have found it difficult to locate gloves that fit well, have outer seams on the fingers, and are made from thin material that does not blur too many of the messages that are coming through the wheel. What you see in the video are the best that I could come up with. The Nomex and the large gauntlets are nuisances that I tolerate.
    The morning that the video was shot we had fitted an after-market steering wheel in order to experiment with its large (380mm) diameter (this is why the spokes have things temporarily taped to them). Although the wheel is covered with suede, it will be going in the bin after the experiments are done, so there was actually no need to wear gloves to protect it. They were just sitting on the seat and out of habit I put them on.
  20. ya watching this guy driving was making me itchy with impatience...Id love to see the F1LM totally thrashing the track hard, if I could get that on video Id be satisfied forever.
  21. This guy was scared sh!t of braking it. Then dont drive it dmnit, give it to me and I will trash it.
  22. BTW a lap time more around 7:35 seems quite plausible to me because If you look at the trap speeds done by Jonathan Palmer and compare them to that of a Zonda S doing a lap in around 7:45 the McLarens trap speeds are significantly higher.
  23. Trap speeds are one thing , lappin the whole ring is another. The Zonda probably corners better than the F1. At least , i would expect it to do so since its 10 years younger.

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