McLaren F1 at the Ring

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  1. I don't know much about the F1LM's performance except that 0-100-0 run that it did which wasn't as fast as I expected...I think the only real advantage it has is accelaration, I would give the CGT a slight edge in cornering and definitely braking...The only way to know for sure is to have these two race which I doubt will ever happen
  2. The one example where I have a true problem with the F1LM's 0-100-0 test was a glaring problem. 0-60 mph was only achieved in 4 seconds. There has to be something about the conditions on that day that contributed to that and I think its reasonable to say that test should be performed again.

    I actually see a possible 10.5 second time achievable under more ideal circumstances.
  3. Several things contributed to the slow 0-60 time for the LM. One was surface friction - the test surface they used was not a proper drag strip, I'm fairly certain it was an airplane runway.

    The main problem is that the car simply has too much power and not enough grip or weight over the rear wheels to put that power down to the pavement. If you read the 0-100-0 article, it says that Wallace had trouble not spinning all the way through 1st gear. A lot of power was simply wasted off the line leaving black stripes down the tarmac.

    0-60 is really a ridiculous test of performance given that the launch is so very important. It takes time to get used to a car and find it's sweet spot from launching and I can guarantee that Wallace didn't have the time that day to get it fully sorted.

    Anyway, I'd put the F1's time around the 'Ring somewhere between the low of 7:30 and the high of 7:50. With the right pilot and the right conditions, it would be a great thing to see.

  4. How about the steel brakes fade to F1/F1LM?

    Imagine F1/LM with carbon brakes and modern ultra performance tires...
  5. imagine it with carbon ceramic brakes and racing slicks? Unstopable
  6. oh that's so cool...
  7. WOW, someone with a McLaren F1 put some Brembo carbon ceramics and racing slicks on, fast!! Fly it to Germany, go to the 'ring, thrash it, and make us all happy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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  9. The cornering speeds of F1 was even higher than cars doing 7:24s like Porsche 911 GT2 RS,918 Spyder doing 7:13(which I found unbelieveable).Somebody has already estimated 7:23.5 laptime for that run in circuit breaker article in the wiki.And another guy had estimated 7:22 lap time in AF.So I think it may do low 7:10's.As for CGT vs F1 LM,LM will beat it in any track signiicantly.Remember standard F1 beat CGT in Goodwood track in Evo test.

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  10. Some more speed lists.
    Here is F1's cornering speeds in circuit breaker article at those points.(article not uploading)
    Corner Speed(mph)
    Dottinger Hohe -200mph(topspeed)
    Hatzenbatchbogen- 90mph
    Flugzplatz -110mph
    Schwedenkreuz -170mph
    Aremberg -70mph
    Fuchrohre -140mph
    Metzgesfeld -100mph
    Ex Mulhe -90mph
    Bergwerg -70mph
    Kesselchen -150mph
    Klostertal1 -110mph
    Hohe Acht -80mph
    Brunnchen -75mph
    Pflanzgarten -130mph
    Anfahrt Schwalbenschwanz -120mph
    Schwalbenschwanz -75mph
    Galgenkopf -85mph


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