McLaren F1 Chasis #003

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  1. looks like it would be really hard to get in and out of the drivers seat
  2. That's fine, because I would probably never leave it if I had one.
  3. Indeed.
  4. i think the wing mirrors on most of them were from volkswagen corrados i think, and the diablo 6.0 has nissan 300zx headlights
  5. All time best supercar. It's dropdead sexy, beyond fast and seats #$%#ing three people! No one will ever make a car like it again.
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  7. This car is over ten years old and it still beats most supercars today
  8. i think it has more passion than all but the Zonda.

    If fact, the Zonda F might be the only one I'd even consider taking over the F1.
  10. One of the most beautiful cars I believe
  11. I bet that'll sell for about $1,300,000.... maybe even more!
  12. Wow I'd love to go there :p

    Did they suspect that you were "window shopping?"

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