Mclaren F1 LM (huge pics?)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PBRmeASAP, Dec 28, 2004.

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    Im sure we all know of the site below, but I want to make some 8x10s of them and if you try and select the original size, it just stays "large"...Anyone have these bigger or other Mclaren LM pics atleast 2000x....? Thanks
  2. ya dont i wish the rest were big, apparently he doesnt just release those to just anyone

    however, heres one of them.
  3. i got an email form him the other day.

    he's just updated the gallery to, as of the 22nd Dec
  4. I was just there, the pics are still small, but there are some more
  5. He sells the large prints himself on Ebay - thus the reason you won't find the originals hosted online. I have a few beyond the one that was shared already, but I won't share them as he has had problems in the past with other people trying to sell his prints.

  6. when you say "I have a few beyond the one that was shared", are you saying you just have those high res pictures on your computer in jpg or bitmap form only? You paid for those?

    Could you be persuaded to post any in "just" desktop size for us? I love the car and im not interested in selling anything. Desktop size is pretty safe for you I would say. What do you think? 1280 x 1024?????
  7. just send one via email as I dont think it would be appreciated if they were posted on one of the worlds biggest forums.
  8. not big, but you'll love them!!

    edit: 6 F1's in one pic. i didn't know there were pics of heaven available...
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  9. 1st: i believe the orange gtr in the corner is #11R, the white fina car is #24R, the other gtr behind the tool box is #07R and XP5 is right next to it...

    2nd: #07R with the old air intakes in the hood...

  10. Peletons brother??lol

    Peleton is just a guy here who knows alot about McLarens, looks like you do too, but ya, I looked at these and knew by looking at the front that it wasnt an LM also.
  11. Are there any pics on a black F1 LM?
  12. That was his fault....Under a different name, I was one of the first to contact him and I asked for pics....Instead of sending me them, he said he would just change the website to the originals....So it was his mistake, I still have those, but the newer pics he posted are awsome! And I want BIGGER
  13. i don't think so...unfortunately

    i can't prove it, but i think that at the black lm's are with the sultan of brunei and i believe that everyone knows how difficult it is to take some pics of his cars....

  14. I had a dream the other night that I went to see the Sultans cars, I got a personal tour by him. I remember distinctly seeing the Ferrari Mythos and many many others. It was heaven.

    The wierd part is that I dont even know if he has one. Does he? It was red of course.

    I also distinctly remember seeing the F50 Bolide also.

    He had special cars in my dream that werent in the main warehouse but inside on grey burbur carpet raised floors. I sensed these were much more special than the others. I remember seeing maintenance mechanics milling about working on different cars. One of them opened the door to a silver CLK-GTR street version for me, and I dont remember but I think I sat in it. THat was also one of the separated cars in the collection.

    THere were multiple warehouses with ceilings about 40 feet high, I dont eben know if any of this is the way it really is. Im sure some must be.
  15. I have 4 more of the newer pictures at their original resolution in .JPG form. They were only hosted for a short time in his album at that res and then he locked them down as well. I may consider sharing them - I'll give it some thought and maybe talk to Doug first. I don't think he realizes they got out as I never mentioned I had them before now.

  16. I wouldn't really call it his fault - he was being generous in sharing those pictures on your request (and frankly the request of many others) and someone decided to take advantage of his generosity by attempting to sell his images. Now one person has ruined it for the rest of us. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  17. yeah I suppose so
  18. Black? The car only came in orange, and why would you change the paint when it is so symbolic and ironically sexy (who would have thought orange could look so good).

    P.S. Where can I learn as much about Mac's as Peleton
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    Sorry - but you're wrong in stating that the LM only came in orange. It's not really your fault though - as many sources, including McLaren Cars' own website, mention that the 5 customer LMs were all painted orange. This is similar to McLaren's claim that 100 cars were built when in fact there were a total of 106 plus one spare chassis. They are telling the story without giving all the details.

    Originally McLaren Cars intended to paint all the LMs Historic "Paypaya" Orange, but apparently the Brunei Royal Family rejected that color on 2 of the 3 they purchased. While no photographs exist of the black LMs, there are a few people who have reported seeing them in person when they were being built and they have described what they looked like. Apparently their paint was not solid black, but instead they looked much like GTR #01R, the '95 LeMans winner, with a black upper section and grey lower section. There were also supposedly some bunting flag style graphics down the side in Red Blue and Yellow. I'm not sure what 'bunting flag style' is or where they would be located. You can see in the first photo below what one might look like. It is a photoshopped image of the LeMans winner without its sponsorship decals.

    The book Driving Ambition - often referred to as the 'bible' on the F1 even has this contradictory statement that all 5 of the LMs were painted orange. The poster that is included with the book which lists the entire chassis history shows otherwise. The second photo below is a shot of the section of the poster showing all 6 LMs. You can see that the prototype 'XP1 LM' was the last car produced in 1995 and then the customer LMs were built towards the end of 1996 after a few road cars and 8 of the 9 '96-spec GTRs were completed. Look closely and you will see that LM1 and LM4 are listed as being finished "Black + Graphics".

    Also, QV500's model guide on the cars has the same information:

    Hopefully someday pictures of these two 'unicorns' as some have called them will surface.


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