mclaren f1 (no 777) gold foil question

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  1. so it appears the macf1 engine bay is lined with gold foil as a heat reflector.

    please enlighten me as to why one would wish to keep heat in the engine bay.
  2. I think its more to keep it off the carbon fibre body panels and associated accesories, rather than keep it in the engine bay.
  3. Yeah this is probably right, it's to keep the stuff outside the engine bay from melting.
  4. so keeping the heat in the engine bay has no significant cons?
  5. The heat isn't being kept in, it's being flushed out by vents and extractor fans, but the gold is there to shield the undersides of the panels surrounding the engine bay.
  6. I think it would be ventilated/radiated out, the gold is to deal with immediate heat problems to external parts. That said you never even see signs of wear inside Mclaren F1 engine bays on the gold, so its probably not even necessary, just a bit of over engineering.
  7. It was actually good for marketing too, its one of the key features the car is known for.
  8. curious to why none of the modern supercars have gold foil in the engine bay.

    no materials that won't melt?
  9. they keep things away from the hottest parts of an engine, for the most part.

    Gold foil isnt too uncommon in racecars though. Its all over the place on spacecraft.
  10. F1 cars use gold foil on their suspension components to protect them from exhaust gas.
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  14. Look on the hood of your engine bay, there'll be a thick sheet of insulation. Most cars have it, otherwise more cars will have bubbled paint and burn marks.

    That insulation is quite heavy.
  15. Mine doesn't and never did.

    How does that make you feel?
  16. you expect there to be wear/corrosion on the gold ?
  17. But its nowhere near as advanced as a modern X5!
  18. lol i knew this fact back in 2002 (the year the mclaren f1 came out)
  19. what fact? Clearly no one in this thread has a definitive answer to the question.
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  22. The answer is this: Its not that they want heat in the engine bay, its that they want heat not on the hood, which is not suitable for high temperatures. Most cars accomplish this by normal insulation, which is cheap, but heavy. Because a large amount of the cooling problem is due to radiated heat, having thermal radiation reflective material can accomplish the same task for nearly zero weight. Gold has low absorptivity and high reflectivity in the infrared wavelengths, hence its use. It also doesnt corrode, and it can be applied very, very thinly, which are other bonuses.

    Radiative Heat transfer is a function of T^4, so when youre in the 1000+ degree range like headers, this factor becomes very significant. Also, air is a (relatively) good thermal insulator, so the heat transferred by conduction/convection of the air itself isnt as huge as youd think. especially not with fans.

    This is why you see gold reflective coatings on many spacecraft. They have virtually zero conductive heat transfer to worry about, but radiation gets pretty intense, especially when you cant conduct/convect the heat away.
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