Mclaren F1 or this?

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  1. Which car do you guys rather have,the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron or the Mclaren F1(Assume you can only take one of them)
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    If your comparing speed then i would take this.
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    I would take the mclaren, and I can honestly say it's just because I think it looks better. Both go faster than I'd ever need, so Mclaren it is.
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    for automotive purity, its gotta be the McLaren - but i just cant imagine turning down a car thats got a thousand horsepower
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    How about this vs the 94 Dauer Le Mans. I'd go with the German make just because its proven itself with consecutive Le Mans victorys. Not to insult bugatti, but this car has a lot to prove to justify that sticker price.
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    Ohh yea, and the F1 hands down. Not that I'll ever get the chance to make that decision. McLaren F1 looks much cooler. I think the bugatti is fine, but lets git rid of that nasty grill please. Its like seeing a chick with a perfect in a skin tight dress from behind and when she turns around she has the wicked witch of the west nose equiped with hairy mole and all.
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    Bugatti Veyron
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    id prob take this thing, just to say i have a 1000 hp car wit diamonds on the dash. unfortunatly, i wouldntget the center mount seat.. boo hoo. >( god that daure lemans pisses me off.jesus, stop comparing a race car to a road car. its like comparing the audi r8 to a civic. duh the damn dauer shud win. if it didnt id be sad...

    about the price. once the price goes above about 300k, price doesnt matter. if you can afford the 600k enzo, you can afford a 800k veyron or even a 1.2 million mclaren. price doesnt matter after a while.
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    All the Dauer is, is a Porsche 962 that's been through a few slight changes to be road legal. It didn't take much engineering on Dauer's part to achieve what it has.

    The Dauer also has one of the smallest interiors. As you've probably guessed, Lemans cars only have one seat to save weight. Well, Dauer decided a road car should have two, so they added one without enlarging the interior even an inch. Comments such as shifting being difficult because of continually elbowing the person in the next seat were all but uncommon. Also the tester complained that his shoulders rubbed against both the glass on one side, and the passenger on the other. Doesn't sound overly fun to drive to me, fast as it may be.

    There were also questions brought up as to whether it has actually achieved the stats claimed. There is a possibility Dauer tuned the car down to about 650hp or so, but that was just the speculation of an automotive journalist, so I guess I can't prove it. Oh well.
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    The dauer is street legal, the porche 962 is a race car, duh.

    In the future, please note mathmatical inequalities. For example: 300,000
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    is much less than 1,200,000. Somone who argues this fact is doomed never to appreciate such quanties in dollars.
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    Hhmmm, I did not know that. If its true, good call.
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    i'd take this in a heartbeat! this car is absolutely gorgeous...the perfect combination of function and art. the mclaren is certainly an impressive car, but the allure of the bugatti is far overpowering...particularlly the history and prestige behind the name!
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    I'd take both of them, thanks! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    The McLaren F1.
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    Haha! So would I if i could. I think we all would.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Reason Please?
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    If I had the money, both, without hesitation. However if I had to compromise, it would be the Bugatti. Never has a balance of such power and luxury been fused together in a car. Although a bit pompous on the luxury end(1 ct. diamonds in the guages), it complements the vehicle nicely. It should also be stated (opinion only) that this is a far better looking car than the deffinitely sets itself apart from the pack, and two seats never hurts: As no one would ever touch the vehicle aside from myself, it would be fun to share the enjoyment of such a machine with someone else. I usually try not to reply to these types of threads, as opinions are often misconstrued and someone is pointing the finger at you and claiming name bashing. Both of these vehicles have (or are in the process of) staked thir claim in the annals of supercar history. Nonetheless, I enjoy a posh powerhouse as much as the next man, that's why I purchased an M3 over the Z06...I enjoy luxury. Seeing as I could never push either of these two vehicles to their full potentials, I would be inclined to the one closest to my tastes...hence the Bugatti. I am still anxiously awaiting the final stats from Bugatti on their current tests.
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    mclaren f1 of course.
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    Mclaren F1
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    Please give us a reason.
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    you've really got to stop asking for a reason to everyone's opinion. If you were to buy a car like this, it wouldn't be because one gets to 60 .1 faster, or pull .2g more on the skidpad. Both cars are so well designed it amounts purely preference.
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    I'd take this. Throw some turbos on the Mclaren though...
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    I'd take the Bugatti, just because the name has more prestige and has been around longer, plus some of the cars that Bugatti has made in the past are worth upwards of 8 million now. Plus the car in America is only rated at 987 HP, like that really matters...its still fast as hell.

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