Mclaren F1 or this?

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    Id rather they give reasons then them just saying that they would take whichever one. You might learn something interesting, and if they dont the forums just get boring.
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    DrWho : You claim that "two seats wouldn't hurt" as if
    the McLaren is a single. What it seems a lot of people
    don't get is that, even though it has a central driving
    position, it has a seat on either side to the rear of this
    letting you take two of your friends along - brilliant !
    I would probably take the McLaren F1, it may not be as quick
    in a straight line, but I am certain it would outrun this
    lavish funhouse on wheels. The McLaren is a purist machine,
    and for that I love it. It is the expression of one man's
    view on motoring perfection. Yes it has a CD-player, but the
    radio is left out because Gordon Murray doesn't listen to the
    radio. That's just great, I feel the McLaren has more soul
    and is more driver focused than the Bugatti.
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    I actually thought the Veyron was ugly but that was before i really looked at it and it kinda grew on me so now i would change my choice to the Veyron and 1001 HP Damn!
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    I didn't post a reason for choosing the Bugatti before, but since you want to hear reasons, here goes:

    The Bugatti has the power-to-weight advantage, the torque-to-weight advantage, a beautifully engineered engine (not that the F1 engine isn't a marvel), all-wheel-drive, better styling (in my opinion), more plush interior, costs less (like it matters if you can afford either), and Bugatti should have no problem making this car outhandle the McLaren F1 (although we'll really have to wait for the road test).
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    I guess I should have eloborated on that statement. Technically the McLaren is a three seater (as is best displayed in the link below), however, those that have sat in them would disagree. I actually had the rare pleasure of seeing one of these up close during an auto show in Denver back in 99'. I was in absolute AWE! I got a chance to talk extensively to the "tech" who was responsible for this car while it was being shown at events such as this. He was kind enough to allow my wife the opportunity to get in an view the cockpit fully. She attempted to get into the passenger seat but found it highly challenging. At 5'6" and 125 lbs she said it was "very uncomfortable and EXTREMELY tight". If you could have seen her in it you would have agreed with her evaluation. I have a picture and will try and see if I can get it onto this site, until that time you will have to trust me. It was TIGHT. That was why I saw fit to call it a one-seater. I meant to substantiate that "tongue-in-cheek" remark on my earlier post, but obviously forgot to. Adding on two seats that would challenge even the best contortionists-not brilliant! What point is there to making a car "multi-passenger" if no passengers can fit? A purist racing machine for 3!?!?! I think Gordon should have stuck with his initial concept designs that reflected a single passenger cockpit. As for it outrunning the Veyron...that has yet to be seen, everything is pointing to the distinct possibility that this could even topple the F1 on the track. However, until stats are published it's all conjecture.
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    definately this oh and bugattis rule same with a z8 but buy an sl 550 amg
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    I would rather have this, because it is way more rare, and i think would turn way more heads. the Mclaren has a plain and "boring" rear, this is defintely something different and i love it.
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    definitly this, duh no way Id get a mclaren over this. 1001hp, -60 in 3.1 secs, 0-100 in 4.3 secs, 1/4 mile in 9 secs, and estimated to go 0-200 in 14 secs!!!!! I mean common, no contest.
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    there isnt a car that beats this bad boy. no mclaren even competes except the lm but it ONLY COMPETES its still doesnt beat.
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    I just have to correct thoes stat, well estimates really but the 0-60 is estimated at 2.9 secs not 3.1 and the 14 secs stat is 187Mph not 200. The 0-100 is'nt in 4.3 but I can't remeber what it was. It wasn't THAT quick but still the quickest production road car.
    REMEMBER these are estimates, the car hasn't been tested yet.

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