Mclaren f1 or this?

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    We won't know until the Bugatti is actually in production and has been road tested. There isn't a whole lot of hard information about this car yet either, but given what we do know, I'd say it'll be a good race and I can't wait for the road test.
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    i would take the veyron. it looks way better. also, thanks for the awesome porsche pics!
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    Buggati is newer its got better technology and they are saying it has a 252 mph top speed.its got 987 horsepower. and a really cool w 16 engine.but look at the mclaren its got 627hp not using any turbo or superchargers the veyron uses 4 turbos. there are only a hundred mclarens 60 race cars 40 street legal.there two different cars one was built to race the other probably not.with 4 turbos the mclaren would win hands down instead of a 240 mph top speed it proabaly 250-260 so you cant really choose between the two.who would win the mclaren would in acceleration and the veyron would in speed there built with different goals i dont think you can compare the two fastest best looking cars on the road.
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    The Mclaren will probably have a slight advantage over the Veyron due to its lighter weight, but I think the Bugatti design is way more striking: it's unprecedented!! I would take the Veyron.
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    Veyron because it reaches 420 kilometres per hour and McLaren only about 300 and something....................
    Any way the final and correct ansewr for 1 million dollars and a free...........Veyron.
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    the veyron looks like it's shaped like a shoe to me
    its not very flowing, not a fan of the looks
    the speed is very impressive though
    driving the McLaren i think would be a much better experience though
    it's the closest you can get to having a race car for the road
    McLaren used technologies from 1988-1993 that came directly from their F1 team
    that era of Formula one was by far the most exciting and in my opinion more impressive to me than any new technologies
    it'd not hard to use technology to make something much better, i'm sure if Bugatti wanted they could have made an even faster car but they're technology doesn't mean shit to me
    the Veyron is fast but is by no means the ultimate road car
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    I say the Bugatti wins,but not by much.It may have 1001 horsepower but 4WD and its massive 8 liter engine makes it very heavy.It probably weighs more than 4000 pounds.Mclaren on the other hand,weighs only around 2500 lb.
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    I personally would take the McLaren. You pay more but from a finacial standpoint the McLaren apperciates more and it is rarer. I also think i would simply perfer the feel of driving the McLaren over anything else. That central driving position really is a stroke of ingenutiy and it must really add to the experience. Well that's my two cents.
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    Definately McLaren. Don't get me wrong, i love the Veyron and if i didnt have the extra 200,000 to spend id buy it, but i just think it would be better to show off the speed of your million dollar car to two friends instead of just one at a time.
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    do you think that this car has the technology in it to ask more than a mclaren f1. or $400,000 more than a ferrari enzo? does it have a gold lined engine compartment or titanium exhaust system like the mclf1. or formula 1 tecnology disk breaks like the enzos. its a neat car but it is. all it has over these cars is a 4 wheel drive system ooh and 1001bhp.does it have the driving position to get full driving satisfaction or is it another "supercar" where all you can see is the steering wheel and a load of dash? i want to know how they got $800,000 from? are they trying to pay off third world debt?
    andrew oneill.

    driving position is all that makes a car

    ps. if you want a cup holder in it . you ask them to put one in. simple as that!
    if only the mclaren LM had 4 wheel drive and a turbo whacked in for fun then that would be forever unbeatable!!!!!!!!!! tell me what you think!!!
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    no it isn't. the Bugatti isn't in production YET, so it's technically alot rarer than the Mclaren.
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    not many cars can beat mclaren by much

    however, bugatti might win, even if not by much

    W16 engine
    quad turbo
    922lb torque
    0-60 estimated at 3.0s
    top speed faster than mclaren at 250mph+

    price isn't that much different either
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    Hmm let's think. Veyron vs. McLaren F1. Faster vs. slower. Luxury vs. sporty. Probably expensive vs. probably less expensive.
    Veyron for sure. It (will have) has much more class, and probably the best interior I've ever seen. It would probably out-perform the F1 too. If I had the money to buy any of these, I'd take the Veyron.

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