mclaren f1 vs corvette sledgehammer

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    <b>this car vs. the mac would be a good battle but if you tuned a mclaren like this vette the mclaren would DESTROY this thing. ohh yeah this cars pretty ugly. id still take it for its performance though.

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You also have to remember the purpose of the McLaren F1 and stock Corvettes. Look at the price tags stock for both of them. Look at the price tags as they stand now (sledgehammer vs. stock F1). What would the price tag be if you pumped the F1 up that much more? I don't think it would be far fetched to say that it would take another $200K to prep an F1 to beat the Sledgehammer. If you want to spend three times as much, go ahead, idiot.<!-- Signature -->
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    the sledge purpose was to show that americans were very powerful when they make cars.
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    send me the pics then i will believe ya! and also to you people stop talking crap about this car because it has outaccelerated most of your ferraris,lambos and jap crap! so top it plz!
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    maybe but that was not proven.
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    The McLaren would kill the Sledgehammer in everything but acceleration and top speed. Round any road circuit the Sledgehammer would get smashed.
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    have ya got proofs bout what ya are sayin man?
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    Don't get me wrong a McClaren is fast as shit. However, so is a Vette'. As for the people who say that a Vette handles for crap, where did you learn how to drive? Vette's are very quick handling and responsive cars. I know because my dad and I both own one. As for power and speed a Mcclaren has four more cylinders and is built to accelerate but a Vette' is built for power. I have never heard of a McClaren with over 1000 horses but maybe that is because some idiot went out and spent over a million dollars on it. As for looks both cars are ugly. A 1968 Stingray would be and is my choice because it has so much attitude.
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    This is the biggest load of BS I've ever seen. You're not the first idiot nine year old to claim this. Why don't you go ride your little scooter.
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    well you are wrong
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    Why everytime i enter a domestic site i hear about the corvette. Blah Blah Blah. See i was going to take it untill i saw a Covette vs McLaren F1. The Mclaren is a damn F1 V12 it can take off. Plus it has aerodanamics. What does the sledgehammer have? Please inform me and no 9 year olds with scooters that own a McLaren and the sledgehammer. Instead of buying the C6 i'd rather buy the Lotus Espirit V8 and lookin at you in your american shit that is trying to keep up with my supercar for 70Gs. Ahahahha damn think about what you say before you get on to post.

    The other reasons i got that a McLaren wins is that

    *Supurb handeling twice as better as corvettes (been proven dont start!)
    *its a 627Hp instead of a 880hp and still kicks its ass
    *There are LM and GT version that you dont want me to start at
    *They also look hella better. So i would rather buy a McLaren than a Corvette SledgeHammer. BTW it does look like a sledgehammer hit it. PEACE!
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    wow. after a post like that you're going to have trouble making anyone believe that YOU are more than nine years old. you'd rather buy the lotus espirit(what the hell is an espirit?) and lookin at me. brilliant use of a subordinate clause. i better damn think about what i say before i get on to post, especially since you seem to know so much more about both cars than i ever will.
    while i know that shooting down your reasons one by one will not persuade such an obvious child prodigy as yourself to admit defeat, i'll answer your question of what the sledgehammer has.
    *even though it's not as good, i'm sure that the HANDLEING of the f1 is not "twice as better" as that of the vette. maybe 1.3 times better at most.
    *yes, the f1 has 627hp and the vette has 880hp, but i'm pretty sure that the f1 doesn't kick the vette's ass, unless of course you mean "is slower in both acceleration and in top speed" by "kicks its ass," i'm not familiar with all of the technical terms that geniuses are using now.
    *you can "start at" whatever version of the mclaren you want, they're still all slower than the sledgehammer.
    *you could say you'd rather buy an f1 than a sledgehammer all day long, but you're going to need just a little more than the $1.24 you have in your piggybank to buy ANY car, so have fun getting the $1,000,000 to buy the mclaren. maybe if you save all of your pennies and mow a lot of lawns, you will have enough money to buy a car 1/100th as expensive as the vette (or 1/400th as expensive as the f1) by the time you're 42, which will also probably be about the time you learn how to write correctly.

    i can't believe i just defended a car that i don't even like for that long, especially against some bias moron who'll more than likely be unable to reply to this with anything besides childish insults.
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    stop bitchin' thks
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    maybe he's canadian <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Yeah, that's right, Heheheheh!!! (LOL)
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    Dude, this car is not ugly, but at least you lke the Saleen S7. The S7 is my dream car.
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    Errrrr... wrong answer, have YOU got proofs?!
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    THIS IS A 15 YEAR OLD CAR!!!!!!!!!!! Could any McLaren go as fast 15 years ago??? was mclaren still around 15 years ago?
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    learn how too read and write, They are both not production cars, only one is, The McLaren. I'd take a McLaren. The corvette is NOT a everyday car, it isn't a performance car, it can barley turn, the engine would probably fry very quickly. Besides they are both different car catagories. Plus- how often is a car going to do 250 mph? **** I HATE FAST AND THE FURIOUS
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    Anyone have a print out of the Mclaren doing 231 or 240mph? obviously not because everyone just looks at the speedometer and assumes, heard what Mario Andretti said in R&T? He said that the cars steering and brakes were less than pleasing and that he went through the radar gun at 217mph, but on the speedo it said 240mph. Think about it, its still a classier car than the sledgehammer.
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    Stupid Compairson.
    Stupid Person.
    Stupid Vette.
    Stupid You.
    Stupid Him.
    Stupid Her.
    Stupid Guy.
    Stupid Lady
    Stupid Idiot.
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    There's no comparison!
    The McLaren is better than the Sledgehammer Corvette in every category except 0-1/4 mile and top speed. But how often do you get to drive 250 mph anyway?
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    the corvette sledgehammer is not a perfectly balanced and poised race car, it was not honed to perfection in Le Mans 24hrs. we Brits talk about racing two cars, we do it on a race track. can someone please tell me how the corvette will out handle a Mclaren F1? by the way if i had to choose a car to go against the corvette i would invest in a proper track car like the Westfield Megabusa, slight modifications. 250/300BHP are all that are needed to get a power to weight ratio that would beat them both.
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    watch out corvette fans the new pontiac trans am 427sd has a 1000kw engine powerplant engine 427:7litre twin turbo i was told topspeed to be over 500km+ I'll send in any more info on it if i get any.Pretty good for a production car.

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