McLaren F1

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  1. Should resize for this site, shit takes a while
  2. Great work - that is chassis #018 and we already have at least one decent shot of the chassis plate, so no worries.

    This F1 is one of two road cars that have been upgraded with an LM-spec engine, so it's a rather rare F1 on top of just being an F1. You were lucky to see it.

    Thanks for the pictures! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>

  3. I think that is actually my favorite F1, not just because of the LM engine, I thought only 73 had that upgrade.

    No, I just love that pewter color, and the way the interior matches it, with the HDF kit, etc. Pure sex!
  4. One quick question peloton...if an F1 has the HDF kit, does that render the rear air brake useless?
  5. Yes, all that stuff is removed with the HDF Kit. You can see in the side view shot of the rear wing that there are ducts that send cool air to the rear brakes mounted on the inboard side of each wing support.

    The brake balance foils operation is less of an airbrake like you see on the SLR, and more about counteracting the dip or dive of the front end under heavy braking. Raising it changes the center of pressure on the F1 and helps keep the rear of the car planted and under control.

  6. I think I knew of how/why the air brake (sorry, just seems the easiest way of saying it) works on the F1. I wasn't aware of what those scoops were for though, although I have noticed them before
  7. it looks like you took the pic and made it bigger from a smaller size (the pixelation?) but nice none the less.
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  9. Actually made them all smaller, like I said it's a crappy camera, from 7 to 1MP
  10. 7 is not crappy, its average these days... why didn't you just resize them in photoshop to 800x600 and save at 9 quality? (or 8)
  11. Don't have photoshop, just did it on the camera.
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  13. I love it in this coulour ! That's not an LM ?
  14. Nope, a converted GTR. #14R if I remember correctly.

    It's annoying that so many of these are around confusing people about which is which between LM and GTR.
  15. Its cool that they converted a race GTR to a road car, but keep a GTR badge on it, not an LM badge like in mpg's post
  16. that's a modelcar?
  17. I think you're right.
  18. #08R; #14R is the LARK can number 61 that appeared in the recent new Mclaren book -
  19. You need to get 13 and 14 together again Greg =D
  20. Mclaren f1 were the fastest car in 1998.They were almost 1,000,000$.
  21. you don't say
  22. haha word.
  23. hey kid, ask your parents to use the computer first
    & try 1994-5
    & if you had a clue then you would know that 3 months ago one was sold for US$3,000,000
    there regular price for the last few years has been US$900,000-1,300,000

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