McLaren F2???????

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    production starts as 2003 <!-- Signature -->
  2. This car has been designed and will be built by McLaren in Woking(England), so could it be a possible successor to the legend that is the McLaren F1?
    I know Mercedes make the engine but then again BMW made the great engine in the F1, can it be said that this is a re-badged McLaren or something totally different, just how much input did Mercedes have on the design.

    I've noticed that there is no McLaren badge anywhere on the car which is suprising to me because the McLaren brand is the ultimate supercar brand in the world, may this be because McLaren didn't want this car car to be labelled a successor to the F1 and therefore there won't be any dissapointment if the car is not a good as the F1?

    I know it's a Mercedes with the help of McLaren but you'd think that they'd want some recognition.

    How do u lot think this compares with the F1, is it even aimed at the same market and does anyone think McLaren will actually produce a true Mclaren F2 with the help of Mercedes like they did with BMW.
    personally I think this looks gorgeous and I know with the development done by McLaren will been this will be one hell of a drivers car.

    Ps:Can't anyone help Lotus!!!!!...........we need the Lotus M250 to be produced for the sake of MANKIND!!!.....we really do....come on Ford, Mercedes, BMW, VW.....get your cheque books out and save a true legend.......and personal millionaires out there???<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, i did remember reading about how this car was a choint effort by Mercedez and McLaren, but its governed at 198 and has a supercharged V8 with an Auto. I know that Merc Auto's are the best and will one day be faster than any manual, but the successor will most likely have a V12 naturally aspired. Regardless this car is gorgeous and would catch my attention before the McLaren on the road.
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    Finally a Mercedes which is nto limited to 155MPH. THis car is sweet. The McLaren is still faster than this car. It doesn't look being made by british guys. The performance is still great for a stock Mercedes. I hope it will get an AMG version.<!-- Signature -->

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