McLaren launches supercar

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  1. F1 team announces plans for a Ferrari-rivalling road car business with new eco-friendly supercar Mclaren P11
    Auto Express Car Reviews
    Text: Sam Hardy / Photos: Poblete
    17th April 2009

    McLaren’s first solely-developed supercar since the legendary F1 will not only set new standards for performance, but will also be the most eco-friendly in its class. Those were the exciting claims made at an exclusive unveiling of the new Ferrari F430 rival at McLaren’s base in Woking, Surrey, which Auto Express attended recently.

    Although no official images of the newcomer were made available, the new model looks almost identical to Auto Express’s illustrations shown here, adding a number of louvres to the front and rear bumpers, a pop-up rear wing and projector-style headlights.

    Going on sale in 2011, the P11 will cost around £150,000 and boast technology from the company’s Formula One cars, including the very latest lightweight carbonfibre materials. It will be the first model to come from a new independent company, called McLaren Automotive, which will be headed up by Ron Dennis – who has stepped down as team principal of McLaren’s F1 operation – and managing director Antony Sheriff.

    Dennis said the P11 would be “the most environmentally friendly car of its type” and although he wouldn’t elaborate, it’s expected to feature a KERS-style system, similar to that of the company’s Formula One cars, which captures heat energy from braking, boosting the engine’s power. Dennis also said the P11 will set new standards for safety too.

    Other technical details are thin on the ground at present, but the P11 is expected to use a Mercedes AMG-sourced 6.2-litre V8 engine and get carbon ceramic brakes. Some 1,000 models will be built in the first year of production, with a spiritual successor to the original F1 and an entry-level sub-£100,000 model completing the range and taking the company’s output to 4,000 cars by 2015.

    Production will take place at a new factory – likely to be based within the grounds of McLaren’s Norman Foster-designed Technology Centre in Woking – with the new company generating 800 new jobs. Dennis said that he expected the new venture to double the value of the McLaren Group. The P11 is expected to make its worldwide debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November.
  2. looks like a farbio gts
  3. Eco friendly? Come on.
  4. noble
  5. isn't this like, really really old news?
  6. kinda bland but theres a hint of F1 in that. i really dig it.
  7. But sharper, I like it.

  8. I like its subtlety but the F1 was better looking.
  9. Different wheels would do a lot.
  10. can someone please P-shop the McLaren F1 wheels on this so we can have a look?
  11. I like it, but lol @ the Lexus wheels.
  12. Reminds me of the VW Nardo.
  13. Boring, bland, uninspired. At least the F1 had a more distinct look.
  14. And I thought Ferrari had some shit designs lately. :-\
  15. Cool, but they need to build another world-beater.
  17. Looks like a cliche supercar
  18. I prefer the ferrari as well. But it's a car I woudn't mind to have :p
  19. Should try to build another real supercar like the F1, instead of just trying to compete with Ferrari/Lambo.

    They should try to make the ultimate car again like the F1, like 800-1000hp V12 or V10, 2800-3000lb curb weight, and incredible handling. I'm sure they have the means to do it with all the knowledge in the McLaren camp.
  20. just another boring supercar
  21. it's reputation is ruined
  22. i like it. i dont see the point in making a "world-beater" anymore. at least not with the way the world is.

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