McLaren MP4-12C High Sport

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    McLaren rolls out special edition MP4-12C High Sport

    As if the McLaren MP4-12C isn't special enough already, a meaner-looking and more muscular version has surfaced: the MP4-12C HS, or High Sport.

    Prepped by McLaren Special Operations, the MP4-12C HS wears an improved aero package that borrows heavily from the MP4-12C GT3 racer. The car has a new nose, rear bumper, enlarged vents, bigger diffuser and a modified rear wing, as well as new wheels. The aero tweaks result in better intercooler performance, and the boost from the twin turbos is dialed up to deliver an extra 75 horsepower over the standard car's 592.

    Only five examples will reportedly be built of this particular special edition. One has already gone to the crown prince of Bahrain and another to McLaren chairman Ron Dennis. Don't expect to see one of these rounding a corner near you.

    See video here:
  2. if its true the next ferrari flagship will feature drastically less weight over more power, then i suspect it will have similar specs to this. +/- 675hp. sub-3200 lbs.
  3. Trying to make an yawn-inducing car evn more exclusive!!
  4. is the mpc412c even out yet?

    i havent seen one

    gimme a ferrari 458 any day
  5. nice wheels chip foose did a good job on them
  6. New front looks pretty bad

    edit: and so do the wheels, if I hadn't read about the performance modifications I'd think it's a riced out McLaren.
  7. Oh those wheels are bad yes. Silly edition name as well. Power boost is good though
  8. the wheels are shit, the rest of car looks great. much better than stock, which is a bit boring looking.
  9. 1st MP4-special edition for collectors... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    eve so... +75hp = monstre performances! (slurp)
  10. this...

    also, would rather take this over 458 any day... just gotta change those wheels.
  11. Yeah, but I'd have an F430 or Gallardo over both
    I'm just not really feeling the current generation of sportscars
  12. gallardo lp560-2

    gimme gimme gimme
  13. I think the bodywork looks better than stock. The wheels are just one of the sets of optional wheels that have been available on the car since the beginning. Oddly nothing about this on McLaren's own media site yet though.
  14. Wow, finally more than 15 horsepower added to a supercar.

    I'd love to see some lap times comparison between this and 458.
  17. MP4-12C does look better in person.
  18. Give me a 360/355 over a 458 over a 430
    Seriously. Give it to me
  19. Only 5 examples? Scumbag Mclaren.

    Also, people who say the mp4-12c looks boring probably hasnt seen one in person. They have this very nerdy cool to them. Honestly I prefer it to the 458. The ferrari feels really ostentatious; beautiful, but kinda pretentious. Where the Ferrari is about simplicity and elegance, the Mclaren is very technical and sci-fi; it appeals to the nerdy kid in me.

    edit: gallardo too. The Lp-670 looks like its from a comic book. How can you not love that?
  20. The 360 kind of looks dated, but you can't go wrong w/ 355's design.
  21. the 355's are peices of shit.
  22. Definitely the 355s are far from being reliable, but they were last hot looking V8 Ferraris.
  23. I prefer the look of the 360.
  24. I just like the 40 valves

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