McLaren MP4-12C vs. Noble M600

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by F50Fanatic, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. This is the iPOD vs. the VHS vcr and since they both look like late 1990's Japanese semi-sports coupes I'd go for the McLaren.
  2. So no electronic assists and a 6 speed manual makes it a VCR of the car world?
  3. Horrible analogy.
  4. I'd like to see the semi-sports coupes you're talking about, I must have missed out on that.
  5. My point is: Its generic, its bland and the rear is plain dated...desigwise
  6. yes. A supercar is a package of elements that all together add up with something extraordinary. A very crucial component of a supercar is cutting edge technology (available at the time the car came out). That is way an MP4-12C and a 458 are real supercars. The Noble is just a fast sportscar - from a brand with no history or heritage....also important
  7. You're a dumbass if you still prefer flappy paddle shit over a manual.
  8. So I guess that you would rather have an Mclaren MP4-12C over a Zonda F?
  9. By your logic, the Tesla roadster is a "real supercar," while the Viper ACR, the Corvette ZR1, the 9111 GT2, etc. are just fast sports cars.

    And Noble's heritage is making the best-handling street/trackday cars in the world for years.
  10. The heritage thing is just plain bullshit. There was a point in history where Porsche and Ferrari had no heritage either
  11. I agree.
  13. wow, just wow
  14. This.

    I'd put more stock in his post if he wasnt such shit member. He clearly has no idea who Lee Noble is either.
  15. Why? Paddle shift is much faster, safer and a lot of fun. For track driving it is totally superior. Especially in a powerful car you pretty much want to keep both hands on the steering wheel....
  16. No. I can't stand the looks of the MP4.
  17. How is that? A real supercar has an engine. A Tesla doesn't...
  18. How is not using a clutch pedal more fun? The feel is completely gone.
  19. How IS using a clutch pedal fun?1 It's just a nessecety. Which paddle shifters have you driven. Apparently you have some bad experiences....
  20. You don't have fun with a clutch and a shifter? wtf
  21. I can, but for powerful cars and especially for track driving paddle shift is so much better. You can keep your hands on the wheel and you can focus on braking, accelerating and keeping the racing line. You are more in control with paddle shift and in a sportscar control is everything.
  22. some people are ignorant or stubborn. U have it right tho. Others are entitled to there own opinions. But its exactly that opinions while the facts still remain a dual clutch is faster shifting, less power loss between shifts, can be very fun and easy, very good for race track for all the stated reasons and the fact that regulations will require these in the future to keep in spec with fuel econ and other regulations. the manual may be around for a but longer but its getting killed off by technology.

    I like the look of the m600 better but its a test between laptimes which we haven't seen yet.

    And for the guys posting the auto car vids..... Did u see the vids with jay Leno in the mclaren? Almost same thing but they went faster. Based on both vids I would say MP4-12c wins (including the top gear video of m600). But those are just early vids... We need to say more to base things on facts not junk or opinions and speculation.
  23. I'm calling bullshit on all the proponents of dual-clutch/semi-auto transmissions.

    People like SHINP who are going off about following racing lines and keeping both hands on the wheel have probably never driven any car, let alone a supercar like the Noble or the McLaren, on a track.

    The fact is that most of the time, these cars will be driven on the street. Although they might make good trackday cars, they are designed as street cars, not track cars. And on the street, shifting with a proper manual 'box is manlier, more engaging, and more "passionful" than letting a computer operate your gearbox for you.

    People who use semi-auto 'boxes are no better than people driving full-auto slushboxes.
  24. I'm not a big fan of the M600's looks, but having driven a 600hp M12 GTO 3R (have to brag about this as much as possible), I'm sure it's one hell of a car to drive and I'd love to get behind the wheel. There's a lot of things that bug me about the McLaren. Just seems like it should be better.
  25. Ya, it's tough to put my finger on what's wrong with the McLaren. I think the main problem is the awkward/uninspiring styling. It just seems to lack passion, for lack of a more specific criticism.

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