mclaren or ccr

Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by Mr Mclaren F1 lm, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. CCR looks better than the Mclaren but what does that matter? They're about equal in speed. There's one big difference though, if you turn the steering wheel in an f1 it makes the car turn. If you turn the steering wheel in a CCR it makes the car spin wildly out of control.
  2. I am damn agree with you the CCR have a bad handling.she is not made for race or something like that but the mclaren F1 is made for race and road have your already see a race car alowed to the road exsept mcF1
  3. F1 for me. love the neutral
  4. The CCR handles quite well.
  5. the ccr, get a hennessey 1000
  6. the gay hennesey u noob. the ccr is better than that and the mclaren is the best!
  7. McLaren F1, of course.
  8. i think these 2 cars are almost perfect. they are bout the same in looks speed and size but even though the ccr is crap handling (if u dont belive me watch the top gear ccx review on youtube) i some how like the fact that the ccr is hard 2 control, its cool. i may only be a 12 year old but the ccr is a tiny bit better than the f1. the doors are cool 2.
  9. Hmm, a normally aspirated V12 that won Le Mans, or a boosted V8 that has no racing heritage.

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