McLaren P1 Rumored to Lap ‘Ring’ Well Under 6:47

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    Porsche wowed the automotive world last September when its said said the 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar lapped the Nurburgring in six minutes and 57 seconds.

    At the time, that lap crushed previous production car records. None of that matters if a rumor being perpetuated in a first drive review of the McLaren P1 proves to be true. U.K.-based AutoCar claims to have spoken with an “insider” who says the car can complete the Nordschleife circuit faster than the supposed six minute and 47 second time Internet gossip already suggests. The story says it can lap the oft-hyped track in somewhere around six minutes and 30 seconds.

    McLaren hasn’t confirmed any of that and isn’t likely to any time soon. The company won’t even commit to the slower time.
  2. from the McLP1, I would pretty much believe anything.

    I think that thing will destroy all the others in outright performance. which hopefully won't hurt the desirability of the others
  3. Anything less would be disappointing. If the F1 was a bench-mark setting car it's replacement better be too. I just wish it wasn't so ugly.
  4. If this is true, that is close to 956 race car time.

    Im sure the 918 can go faster than it did also, because when it did its run, it didn't have active aero running. The 918 is just as powerful as the P1, has more torque (but is heavier). It has AWD which will help in the low speed stuff, and I'm sure the torque vectoring will help. Im not sure about downforce, but its not like the P1 is race car levels (I think it has 600kg at 260km/h).

    The LaFerrari is lighter and more powerful than both, it should be just as quick if not quicker.
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  7. That was a mistake in reading press material that they later corrected. Do you think he's ever mistaken a transmission for an engine?
  8. I'll believe it when I see it
  9. No you wouldn't. You'd claim they were somehow cheating, maybe even spying on you.
  10. Sheeesh why so moody? Is it your time of the month again?
  11. No I'm saying your right to live should be taken away from you. Repeatedly.
  12. good inside goss
  13. cool story bro, lol..... you're so pathetic

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