McLaren P12 Supercar Concept coming to Paris

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Here it is.

    Not sure what to think of it. The rear looks pretty nice, but it lacks a spoiler, just like the old f1.
  2. I like it.

    It needs a V12 though.
  3. Looks almost generically exotic.

    I love the fenders tho.
  4. better than expected, it has what the mp4 lacked, some balls
  5. I amaze myself sometimes with my predictions, but that rear end looks pretty good though.
  6. KERS flywheel setups. I'm assuming they're subject to gyroscopic effects from a spinning mass, yes? Are these systems less preferable because of this, making it more difficult to steer the car against the axis of the flywheel? Or are they MORE preferable because this can be exploited in some way?
  7. Looks a lot like that locust plethora vaporware from a few years ago.
  8. What the MP4-12C should have been, instead of the visual bore-fest it is.
  9. Wow it looks absolutely disgusting/ridiculous
  10. Looks Great , like how they incorporated their logo in the headlight design.
  11. It's just......not as distinctive and iconic as the F1, but I guess nothing ever will be.

    This car is to the F1 what the Huayrauar is to the Zonda.
  12. the f1 was a pretty shit design. f1lm/gtr look great however, but that's mainly because they look like racecars, not because they're beautiful.
  13. I disagree. The F1 was like, timeless and handsome. It didn't look like a race car with all the wings and add ons. A Silver McLaren F1 roadcar would look good pulling up to a nice restaurant with some guy in a suit. The recent supercars like a Murcielago SV or something look good but you look like a d-bag driving it to more.....subtle events.
  14. I think it looks pretty cool.
  15. My gut reaction was that its hideous. Don't know if Ill warm up to it. Ive thought the same about a lot of other cars I ended up liking, so who knows.

    Still think the new Pagani is ugly though, and the new Gumpert.
  16. What new Gumpert are you talking about?
  17. It looks damn nice!
  18. Gorgeous. What I think made me hesitate on whether I liked it or not is the two-tone. I think it would look plain menacing in solid black or a gun metal grey.
    I almost would like all the bare carbon fiber to have more of a matte finish to counter how shiny and polished the car looks.
    Other than that I think the overall design is damn near perfect.
  19. Distinctively McLaren. Function over form, yet still looks sublime and exotic.
  20. I love the way it looks, I brings back that aggressive, almost predatory animal-like look which the F1 had, but also Shares a lot with the MP4-12C. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for looks wise, as in it does look like the successor of the F1.

    You can also see that the roofline and front fenders are all F1 in the profile view. On the other hand the rear fenders remind of the Carrera GT.
  21. the greenhouse looks a little awkward, too tall. i like the rest though, really cool. it'll definitely grow on me
  22. That rear end looks so awesome but over-emphasised in that photo.
    Whole thing looks so so good though.
  23. I prefer outrageous cars like lambos and zondas. A supercar is all about show off imo. The f1 was too bland imo. Different tastes i guess.

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