McLaren P12 Supercar Concept coming to Paris

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  1. The F1, which had came out at the end of the early 90's supercar boom, was the first exotic car to visually impress the audience without being super wide, super low, and without the need for giant wings in the rear. It's very compact and tidy, yet still looks more impressive than most of the generic supercars.

    The same thing can be said about this car. But the difference is that F1 is a beautiful car. I doubt one can call this vehicle beautiful. It looks cool, but not exactly a beauty IMO.
  2. true beauty blows away in wind tunnels
  3. 800ps+160ps KERS
    385 Kph
  4. new enzo stats
  5. Looks small. Which is nice and in line with F1 design.

    Much better than 12C.
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    The Tornante. Gumpert did a huge teaser campaign for it (just like Mclaren) and then finally unveiled it. Since then I don't think I've seen it mentioned more than once.
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    Wth Gumpert probably going bankrupt I'm not surprised it's been a bit quiet
  8. I feel this way as well, but from a profile perspective it seems agreeable. doubtless it's heigth is to accomodate 90%+ of possible drivers.
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    pretty bland for a gumpert. paint it green and it would make a fine bentley.
  10. Snap, it happened. I love it now. You just can't call it an F1 successor. This thing looks so much more race car than the other. I wonder what kind of interior it'll get. Road car-ish or race car. Also, the race version of this is gonna look so epic.
  11. A halo car like this is about show off, outrageneous and performance.

    I'm sorry but they blew it with this design. Car looks ok from the rear but this is what happens when you try to go overboard & do too much like they did with the F1.

    F1 still looks great & the performance is still before its time considering its power to weight ratio.

    Ferrari has little to worry about with the F70 unless they totally blow it but from I've heard the F70 is going to be shockingly beautiful & quite outrageous.
  12. what a stupid post
  13. Personally is be glad to know you can read, much less having done the decent thing of reading my thoughtful post.
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    Oh that one, I think Gumpert decided not to make it.
  15. is be glad
  16. I SAID... No V12, NO CARE! Just kidding, I'd probably buy this over an F1.
  17. Swype is a nightmare and a pain. Nothing beats a traditional qwerty keyboard on a phone. I realize they are quickly falling out of favor
  18. Never used it.
  19. I thought KERS was pretty much 'free energy', energy that's generated under braking, which is normally energy that's been lost. So even if you wouldn't really notice a performance advantage, you'd at least save some fuel, I guess. My thoughtful response to your thoughtful post.
  20. V8 TT, maybe from Mp4-12C with "doping"...
  21. oh is turbos cheating now as well as awd? (both of which ferraris have used)
  22. What does it sound like?
  23. *cough* 208 Turbo, 288GTO, F40 *cough*
  24. Yes but in relatiorn to car kinetic energy and road grip effect quite small is not ruin turning movement.

    I is thinking that courld someone make smooth ride transport chairman vehicle, put heavy flywheel under car floor?

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