McLaren unveils the 540C

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    McLaren unveils the commuter-ready 540C in China

    China just said hello to the second and final model in the McLaren Sports Series when the 540 Club, also known as the 540C, was introduced at the Shanghai Motor Show. In becoming the "most attainable McLaren yet" the new coupe cedes a bit to the 570S, getting by with 533 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque from the company-standard 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 instead of 562 hp and 443 lb-ft as found in the 570S. The run from 0-62 miles per hour takes 3.5 seconds, up 0.3 seconds from its sibling, and top speed is 199 mph, down five mph.

    You get the carbon fiber MonoCell II tub, while the bits around it have been tailored more for daily driving. The dihedral doors enclose a more accommodating portal of entry, the cabin was "created with a focus on space and ergonomics," and the adaptive dampers are tuned for buyers who want to use this as a commuter car. It can be discerned from the more powerful offering by a tweaked nose design and model-specific cast aluminum wheels. Even with losing the carbon fiber brakes of the 570S, the 540C will come in at 2,890 pounds, five pounds lighter than the big brother.

    The upshot of all of this is that you save some dosh, the 540C expected to sell for as low as $160,000 when deliveries begin early next year, compared to $184,900 for the 570S. Pitting apples against apples, the 570S starts at 143,250 pounds, the 540C will be 126,000 pounds. It's aimed at the Chinese market and the company still hasn't said if it will officially come to the US, but we hear that it can be ordered through dealers anywhere in the world. The press release below has more information.

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  2. i like it, but is mclaren trying to fill up every niche now or what
  3. I wouldn't call these niche cars per se, as they're all very similar (i.e. they're all sports cars).

    McLaren is just trying to establish a three-tier product range:

    Sports Series (540C, 570S)
    Super Series (650S, 675LT)
    Ultimate Series (P1, P1 GTR)

    So effectively this is the entrance point for McLaren's range.
  4. It's so weird going from decades of thinking of a McLaren as being one of those things that I'd imagined I may never see on the road in my lifetime... to seeing one every few weeks.
  5. When Gordon Murray smirked and was all arrogant about Koenigsegg's claims about trying to break the F1 speed record, Christian von Koenigsegg sent him a mail saying that he thought they should meet and discuss in good manner the development of cars, since Murray obviously had a lot of things to learn.

    I learned this from a presentation the other day made by a member of the von Koenigsegg family and I laughed.

    There, now I made a RagingBalls comment and I like Koenigsegg and you don't but I don't give a #$%#. #$%# you guys

    Also, I like McLaren very much. Their lineup and philosophy is great.
  6. there is a mclaren that i see pretty regularly around here
    kinda shocking but it doesnt really look any more wild than an r8
    its an mp412c
    how fast is that one
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    Pretty fast.
  8. I like cars

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  10. Well last year at Chestshire Parkdome a Ferrari 458 wearing Pirelli Cazzo Tyres was .2 seconds faster thatn the maclaren on damp conditions

    So its pretty slow
  11. ill tell the owner that important fact
  12. The 650S and P1 must be dinosaurs compared to this.

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