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  1. its all right, but I would rather pay 430k for the S7 or the CGT
  2. Because it looks boring, sounds like crap, and it's autobox
  3. Exacatally...
  4. Well, that's your opinion. I don't think it looks boring, or sounds like crap. And the fact that it's automatic isn't a bad thing, it's just something that some people don't like.
  5. so r u saying that like 2 drive automatics?
  6. just think if Mercedes didnt add something like 800 pounds to the SLR
  7. ?????
  8. No, that's not what I said. Some people prefer automatics to manuals. I never said anything about myself.
  9. the SLR is almost 4000 pounds, you drop it down by not adding every luxury option and you have a car that will be much faster
  10. I think auto's are for #%!@es that dont know how to drive a car...
  11. I'm guessing at this point that you've driven both a manual and an automatic car, right? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. tell that to people in the middle of a busy city, ever try to drive a manual in bumper to bumper traffic? its a pain in the ass like no other
  13. Yes i've driven both a manual and an auto. I think a manual is way more funner through my eyes.
  14. Yes I know I was stuck on I-10 for 3 hours going 25 MPH once.
  15. it is more fun if u are moving
  16. I doubt that you can even reach the pedals, at your age. Nevermind drive a car legally.
  17. thats not the point, only once thats nothing, people who have to commute inside a busy city like Chicago durning rush hours everyday, a manual is worthless to them
  18. True True...
  19. I heard they are making another supercar.
  20. Dumbest statement i've heard in a long time.

    The SLR is semi automatic. It is similar to the Ferrari Enzo's system, CS, Mercedes, BMW SMG.

    Like someone else said, an automatic is a lot easier for some people.

    Also, "funner" isn't a word

    Btw, what car do you drive
  21. It has 1 hp less than the Mclaren F1 and more hp than the CGT, Zonda and Murcielago. I guess they all have low hp as well.
  22. Where to start, first off the only true manual in the mentioned cars is the Carrera GT. The Enzo has an F1 transmission with an auto mode and SLR is an auto with something similar to an F1 transmission. So that kinda screws up your idea that autos suck. Not all manuals can handle that much power by the way, and the 5 speed (they should've tried sticking in their 7 speed but there probably was a reason for that...) is no way an inferior transmission.

    My theory is that the SLR isn't as well liked as it should be is because of the Mclaren badge. If this was a Mercedes only it would be loved by everyone. It's supposed to have luxury and performance and no one can doubt that it has both. Just because it isn't as "hardcore" as the rest of the online, stats obessesed internet racers around here, doesn't make it an inferior car. That car can and will destroy the majority of the cars you will find (costs a hell alot more mind you...)
  23. Mercedes has the badge on the front, so they probably do.
  24. yes that was on Top Gear, but the point is which is easier to drive hard, I guarantee you it isn't the porsche. For your average driver with normal abilities you won't go faster than you could in an SLR. Track times are all well and good, but driving a car off a track on everyday surfaced roads and potholes et al and the Porsche could never pull out any advantage that it has in handling. How often do you go driving on a racetrack anyway??
  25. 25mph isn't stop and go traffic, it's the speed limit on a residential street. Stop and go traffic is just that, not moving, then to about 5 mph, then not moving again. Repeat for a few hours.

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