McLaren777 Reportage: RIAA, Webhost, local Police

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Just as McLaren shut down a porn forum out of his concern for the porn industry? Get real.
  2. i would, and have done so numerous times in the past.
  3. stop that, Luke just got caught at his own game, and it rocks, whoever get caught.
  4. Because he thinks breaking copyrights for porn is no-no, but doesn't care about music copyrightd.
  5. You dealt with the RIAA? In what facet?

    I'm very curious as to how they operate.
  6. he lives about 3000 miles from me.

    He's a christian, he is supposed to turn the other cheek. If he's such a good christian, he will accept his punishment and not do anything in return. He has claimed that he will accept a punishment if he gets caught doing something illegal, and he might have to stand up to that soon.

    I can't "bail." I've already contacted the police and the RIAA. Also, I would have no qualms with killing him if he directly put my life or the life of the people in my household in danger.
  7. there would be strong moral reasons behind the actions that he chose.
    the only reasons that 996 has is entertainment.
  8. seriously, he reported piracy to the owners of the copyright, I have reported his piracy to the owner of the copyright he is infriging. the only difference is that the entity I have reported him to is much larger and more willing to take legal action.
  9. what has he done to you, exactly?
  10. I want someone to answer this.

    You get your panties in a bunch when Mc777 is reported and cry "unfair". Yet for some reason, the same negative reaction didn't transpire from you all when he reported a site.
  11. Luke obviously says in his website that he is only trying to get more people hooked on his kind of music and eventually get them to buy their cds in the future, if anything that benefits the RIAA.
  12. You're going to question, doubt AND attack the same thing you are relying on to keep this guy from tracking you down and beating the crap out of you?

    Some would call that "illogical".

    In this situation - I call it "really stupid".

    Sure... Make the snide religious comment - Haha! Ur soo phunny!

    It's all fun and games until someone's finding their car keyed and tyres slashed on a regular basis.
  13. Who the hell makes a video of themselves driving their own vehicle at illegal speeds (with shots of his own face as proof) and then posts it on the internet?
  14. Thats specious reasoning, and the law doesn't say "infringing copyrights are illegal, unless you're trying to make us money."
  15. There was truth behind the statement. As 996 already stated, as a good standing christian, which mac claims he is, he should turn the other cheek. He should accept punishment for his wrongdoings and learn from it.

    No one is going to get their car keyed. Calm down mother.
  16. No. Stop your whining. Tell me why it is OK for Mc777 to report a pirated site, and then organize and run one of his own at the same time.

    Tell me why it's all of a sudden bad in your mind when someone reports HIS piracy.

    Explain this double standard and how you justify it. This oughta be good.
  17. I hope he just pulls his music off and doesn't get fined. I don't want anybody to get fined/legal shit up the ass
  18. Regardless, I am sure they will take no action with Luke.
  19. I like that he called that street his racetrack. The police won't like that.
  20. the RIAA wouldn't care about Luke anyway, he's small potatos.

    my point is that 996 911 turbo Over-reacted on an issue that doesent really affect him to get entertainment. without considering the consequences...specifically regarding the police.
  21. no shit.

    as much as i will partially say that "he had it coming"

    you guys, he doesnt deserve this
  22. some with a 5-pt harness in a normal car.
  23. But he claims not to have done it for moral reasons. He says he doesn't force his morals on people, so which is it?
  24. I didn't say it was ok.

    Where did I say that?

    All I'm saying, is I think it's a stupid idea to make a RL enemy out of someone who may/maynot have the self-control not to take revenge on you.

    I mean - if a bunch of people are ready to send Mac777 to jail for (POSSIBLY!) getting a porn site they visited shut down... is it not possible he could react equally forcefully?
    Like with violence perhaps?

    Or do his own dirt digging to report something to the authorities?

    I guess the phrase is:
    "Don't start something you can't finish."

    There. Was it good for you?
  25. i so almost put those in my sho, mostly out of radness / comfort. seriously, if anything they are sooooo comfortable, not to mention, they are safer than normal seatbelts anyway. why NOT put them in a normal car? they're just too expensive to make them stock.

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