McLauren f1 vs. Hennesy viper venom TT800...

Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by XxVeNoM TT800xX, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. That would be a close race...but let me say this...for a v12 in this mcLauren, lets just say im not completely impressed. The Venom TT800 has only a v10 and can max at about 235 and 0-60 in 2.7 seconds...long story short...viper is the baddest ever. Now wut we need to see is a Venom TT1000 with a v12 in it. That just has BADDDD FREGGIN ASSS writtin all over it.
  2. ok, the name is mclaren, not #$%#ing mclauren
  3. Get It right ok
  4. people like you bring the name of this whole place down. you are a gimp
  5. viper is the baddest ever. Now wut we need to see is a Venom TT1000 with a v12 in it. That just has BADDDD FREGGIN ASSS writtin all over it.

    super fanboy attitude spill on aisle 2!
  6. I could spend an hour writing about what a twat you are, but I won't.
  7. Never mess with F1 and his big brother, F1 LM.
  8. somebody kick this gimp off the site

    I agree with veyroman

    you are a gimp
  9. for me these are the best cars in the world:
    1 McLaren F1 2 Ford GT 3 Pagani Zonda C12 Roadster 4 Koenigsegg CCR
    5 Lamborghini Murci´┐Żlago 6 TVR Tuscan S 7 Ferrari Testarossa 8 Porsche Carrera GT
    9 Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor Super Snake 10 Aston Martin Vantage
  10. well thats two people who disgraced the mighty "McLaren" name....losers...
  11. this comparision is a joke, i actually thought it was
  12. Hennesy has a new upgrade for the viper. its a naturally aspired 9.5 liter 800hp engine. Thats preaty big. ima get it
  13. Holy shit thread starter. Kill yourself.
  14. new 1000hp engine quire, make another post
  15. Smart car with a motor bike engine is fater than all ur sissy cars
  16. stupid noob! i could probably write an hour of what a twat you are but i won't...
  17. Way to be orginal, asshole.
  18. Do I have to??? NO!! STFU noob!!! Just agreeing with Pinin here except to another person, alright so #$%# OFF!!!
  19. lololololololololol @ thread
  20. indeed its something to laugh at... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. For sake of discussion McLaren F1 hands down. But why make some useless comparisons between Hennessey this or that, or for that matter Lingenfelter versus this or that!?!
  22. And yet you've posted twice in this one thread, which proves he's successful after all even getting you create a couple of posts in here, how 'bout that?!?

    Don't judge a book by what it merely looks like on the outside, without reading what's inside it first, "DUDE"!!!

    Now that goes without saying I love either of these, but still the McLaren F1 would win based upon its LeMans track record. Additionally, I feel that the Venom Viper 800 could give the F1 a run for its money, though its my own personal opinion.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  23. Again...he got YOU to post on this thread...didn't he?!? So, it appears he's successful in getting ANYBODY...just like you to post, which isn't that the whole premise of creating a thread??? Also, having other people to post...DUH!!!

    BTW...if you where f*cking able to purchase the Viper Venom 800R, 800TT and the mean to tell me, that you would pass up an opportunity own and drive one of'em. I say...BULLSH*T, "dude" everyone here, as well as you know fully well, that if you saw one in reality you'd either sh*t yourself, or cream your f*cking undies, that's if your girlfriend was, either posing or driving or riding shotgun with you in one! But I'm not...TOTALLY keen on the Hennessey Viper Venom over the McLaren F1, because lets face it with its FIA GT Championship and ALMS, EuroLeMans and LeMans, racing pedigree behind it, at least for me makes one helluva TOUGH decision to make.
  24. ROFL...because, you just at least wasted 15-35 seconds of typing, plus making his thread EVEN more successful by you posting in it. Way to go..."dude" you REALLY...don't seem too be bright, A.D.B.M!!! So, lol at you..."dude!"

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