me and scraps are dead

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by disord3r, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. hurricane gonna come and get us
    and apparently its gonna turn around and try to do it again.
  2. godspeed
  3. I used to skip school to watch the weather channel all day when big hurricanes were fucking stuff up.

    But good luck dudes.
  4. Hope you stocked up on gold and ammo.
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  5. add me to the list
  6. Taiwan is like "***** please".
  7. Fucking ****, we can't say ***** either?
  8. I think we might actually get some rain here. Thanks, hurricane!
  9. Flying alligators
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  10. Just shield yourself with christianity
  11. this is how it moves over the past couple hours

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  12. can i have your things
  13. or your thighs
  14. my stuff is first come first serve
    youve gotta queue up after everyone else in the neighborhood
    and other gay sounding phrases
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  15. Your pies.
  16. Evacuate
  17. I like how Hillary Clinton bought advertisement space on the weather channel.

    What a classy lady
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  18. If you can Escape still I offer you a bed in a cozy little 1974 Jay flight trailer in my back yard. It sleeps four. So you can bring your friends. But I don't want my kids to hear any man on man love fr that trailer at night....
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  19. Well there goes my power...
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  20. Maybe you should have evacuated like Obama told you to.
  21. This is what you get for killing Harambe
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  22. 161005095539-matthew-skull-1-exlarge-169.jpg

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