me and scraps are dead

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  1. It's hit Guantanamo. It's a terrorist plot to free imprisoned terrorists. It'll be raining jihadists soon.
  2. made it through. it wasnt that bad near me - i didnt even lose power.
  3. something i always wonder. why do americans always build their houses out of wood near hurricane/tornado areas?
  4. Had a few branches break but nothing major.

    Still without power but I have my generator running so I can keep my beer cold.

    Oh yeah and the baby can eat and stuff
  5. Disorder you didn't flood? Your apartment is pretty low to the ground
  6. Glad you both made it out alive. Blame gays, God HATES those.
  7. easier and cheaper to rebuild? lol
  8. Why not build a better house that can survive a hurricane/tornado, so you don't have to rebuild
  9. there is a new code in USA after CAtrina or whatever, but still...
  10. Nah, the water was up a fair bit, but there was no real danger. It drains out elsewhere when it gets too high, either that or we just didnt get enough rain to be in any danger.
  11. seems the white part of town got off easy
  12. had to protect my stuff from looting brown people
    chair in front of the door, shotgun at the ready
    white man's burden
  13. [​IMG]

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