Meat with breakfast

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. love porridge (with milk)

    love english breakfast

    love croissants

  2. English breakfast makes me chunder.
  3. i like all of the individual items in a full english, but having that at once for breakfast seems like a bad way to start off the day.
  4. english breakfast is very bad for you.

    thats because englandians are all fat.

    except veyronman, lean mother#$%#er
  5. I just had salami and mozz for brekky
  6. i'm probably in the single digits for body fat percentage
  7. do you watch what you eat, do you sport?
  8. Just? its 1 in the afternoon
  9. nah, nah.
  10. i envy you
  11. cereals are the best, milk + shitload of fiber. Enough to urge to the bathroom when I get to work and start the day like a champion.
  12. I am a meat-a-terion. The human body needs enough protein which is only available through meat
  13. do you mean carnivore?
  14. The entire human race is carnivore. Since human civilization began meat has been the choice of human consumption.
  15. Omnivore*
  16. Veyronman, Kindly stop being foolish and focus on the issue at hand raised by Mr Corks. Without meat the human race could not have developed. Great scientific discoveries would not have been possible.
  17. and plants
  18. I'd say that's more due to agriculture than meat consumption.
  19. lol, You're the defination of an illetrate man. Agriculture was not possible at the start of the human race. If you study history you would know that early human survival was possible only through hunting animals for food.

    This continues to this modern day, however the meat industry has changed. Agriculture is not profitable, thats why the use of pesticides is so common in agriculture. Meat is the primary source of protein and strenght for human development.

    Veyronman and amgrulz in the same thread, this will get stupid very fast.
  20. illetrate

    Also, what do you think that those illetrate animals eat you nigger?
  21. A thread only needs your presence to suddenly become stupid.
  22. Despite the fact that I really don't wanna agree with the guy, there is some truth to what he says. While there are many omnivorous primates, the majority of the order are frugivorous - fruit are the vast, vast majority of primate diet, primarily supplimented with insects. Some vertebrates are hunted, but rarely, and larger vertebrate prey is extremely rare.

    The homo genus is unique among primates in the value it has placed on large game historically. There is no good evidence regarding the ratio of meat to plant matter in early hominini diet, because plant matter is less likely to survive in the archaeological record. However, there is no doubt that the encephalization of the hominins corresponded to a more varied diet, an increase in hunting sophistication, organization, and frequency, and a higher proportion of animal protein and fat in the diet.

    Shortly after the neolithic revolution, 190,000 years after the appearance of anatomically modern humans, the human diet was poorer than in paleolithic times both in terms of nutrition and in terms of quantity. Agriculture did not result in improvements in human health until millennia later.
  23. Your avatar is vulgar to say the very least. Kindly change it to something more decent
  24. oh yes gentlemen i am indeed felling very sleepy. inface i must say i am falling
  25. no but do people eat oats? that shit is so nasty. It's literally unpalatable without tons of fat or sugar and then its nasty taste can be hidden (as could anything really with enough delicious fat and sugars)

    oats are for horses.

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