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  1. I dont know if i spelled it right, but is it just me or does this thing look a little like a McLarin from the front? again i dont know if i spelled the name right... Just wondering...
  2. i think its just you, i'm not really seeing much McLaren influence here
  3. from the front..
  4. Meclarin??? if you're talking about the McLaren, man, what's wrong with you?...
    By the way it looks like a lanvoryiny henso... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  5. ur gonna get sooooooooooo much sh|t for spelling McLaren wrong dude... LOL!!!!!!!!
  6. if you dont know how to spell McLaren you should question whether you should be on this site.
  7. You would get more shit for typing the way you type.
  8. i wonder if he can spell his own name.
  9. I'm going to kick your ass because of your avatar:D
  10. meclarin? indeed your being on this site should be questioned... nonetheless, i dont see any connection between this and a "meclarin".
  11. Back to the car, it looks like a Zender but performs like crazy. Very nice.
  12. I can sorta see the McLaren in the front. Kinda like one that was stretched out too wide. The back looks like a Lamborghini Countach, though.
  13. I can see how someone could see a McLaren influence in the frontal styling. Personally I think it is around the headlights...

    I also think your all pretty easily impressed. The McLaren isn't as great as all of that. You all talk about it with such reverance, but really, the only reason it's cool is becuase of the stupidly huge price tag, the exclusivity, and because it started the top speed wars. Everything else has been bested, wasn't that great to begin with, or it was never even tops in at all.

    Hell, give me the million bucks one would spend on a McLaren, and I'll build the '73 Volkswagen in my garage to beat every performance parameter of the McLaren.

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