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  1. So Im sitting In my apartment, probably 1.5kms away as the crow flies. I can't hear shit. F*ck you 1.5 Turbo V6. I could hear the old V10's from 7km vividly back in the day. I could even hear the V8s from 7km away If I had the window open.

    Tomorrow I am going.
  2. Yeah, the cars seem very quite.
  3. Its pretty bad that I live like 10 minutes walk away, and I can't hear them at all. I could even hear the cup cars, and the V8 supercars. I have been hearing the 2 seater F1 car (old rev limited V10) and the speed comparison red bull V8 clearly.

    That being said, what a great qualifying. Looks that Ricciardo is the real deal.
  4. Yeah the sound will take some getting used to but for me it's more than compensated for by the fact that the cars now take a lot more skill to drive. Seeing Massa get wheelspin at 200+km/h and nearly put it in the wall was wild.
  5. And with the more consumer-relevant technology here, more manufacturers could be coming back. Honda is already on the way, and who knows who else might be next. Toyota, BMW, VW group?
  6. The noise isn't that bad when they are in front of you. Dan Ricciardo is a lot better than I thought, also a nice bloke stopped in front of me just before the race and started throwing hats. Also Natalie Pinkham is way hotter in real life than on TV.

    The only thing I don't like about not buying a seat at the F1 is all the bogans. I was completely surrounded by dickhead bogans swearing, drinking, smoking and generally being bogans. The $600 for a seat seems worth it when faced with all that.

    Oh and the Estonian dude in front of me would not shut up. If you watch the footage and see the guy with an Estonian flag on Brockey's hill, Im just behind him.
  7. Lol what can you expect from a place called 'Brockys hill'

    Sucks that he looks about to get disqualified. This is bullshit from RBR. How could he have been exceeding the fuel flow limits without RBR noticing and telling him to change the fuel settings.
  8. Christian Horner has said that as far as RBR is concerned the fault is with the FIA's own fuel sensors, which supposedly have had issues with calibration throughout testing.
  9. But that's weird because the stewards are surely looking at the very same data coming from those same sensors?
  10. I had a four day grandstand pass, definitely worth it. I was on the inside of turn 1 for qualifying and the main grandstand for the race. Also had access to the GP advantage bar, which while crowded at certain times, was air conditioned and in the shade. So it was great for chilling out when nothing is happening on track.

    There were a few bogans in the stands, but it was mostly F1 fans.
    I think you find fewer bogans on the Friday and Saturday, as they only want to pay for one day admission, so they pick Sunday. I had no problems floating around the general admission areas on Friday during the practice sessions and seeing multiple corners.
  11. I'd love to buy a ticket to the paddock club, but at $3500+ my girlfriend would go mental I think. Also none of my mates would drop that coin to go to a race. I had grandstand last year, on the pit entrance, which was great, next year Ill do grandstand too.
  12. The fact that the cars are so quite and sound like crap really ruins it for me. It may sound stupid but I want racecars to sound like racecars, especially F1's.
  13. It's actually about $4500.

    Lesser corporate packages are just north of $1000 for the whole event. They are above the v8 pits.

    I'm going back next year, and have already started rough planning. We'll be buying our grandstand tickets before 31st July, which makes us eligible for Gold GP advantage. GP advantage gives you access to the GP advantage bar, with Silver being the ground floor and Gold being the second floor.

    I think that corporate packages for motorsport in general is not really geared towards fans. As the name suggests, it's geared towards corporate types who want to impress others by the quality of cuisine and furnishings, rather than position. Their view isn't that great, so if you want to actually see cars, you'll have to slum it in the general admission areas.

    Would I go to the Paddock Club if I received a free ticket? Yes
    Would I pay money to go there (even if I had tonnes of money)? No
  14. Can't get used to the fact that they now sound like Hoover dust busters. Sad. I miss the old V10 sound.
  15. Was that the Prost grandstand?
    Because I think thst is the best seating block by far
  16. Don't know, first pic is my seat 2013, second is my seat 2014, with Ricciardo throwing hats into the crowd, with Natalie Pinkham from SkysportsF1.
  17. This was my seat on race day, saw plenty of cornering on Friday/Saturday, and thought I'd see more of the buildup from this position. Will be moving further up the grid for next year though.
  18. I've sat in that stand on the start finish line a few times, it was alright, got to see the pit stops which is a bonus, but I think Ill sit in the grandstand facing the straight at corner 1 next year.
  19. Oh and BTW the new Ferrari F14T looks way better in person than on pics. It doesn't look odd at all in person. The cock noses are also less evident. Even the Caterham doesn't look too bad.
  20. I actually love the look of the Ferrari, especially from front-on.

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