member TNT such a bullshitter!

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  1. Hey TNT you're the biggest bullshitter on the entire website! In one of the viper forums you said you quote "drove a viper" and that you were only 16 years old. RIGHT? and then in this forum you accused rs4man or whatever his name is of acting like a 16 year old. hmmmm...sounds like something that an idiot would say. If you really are 16 grow up! YOU act like a two year old. ACTUALLY both you and rs4man act like little babies. anyone agree?

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    I believe TnT. I know a guy that drove a Viper when he was 16, and another that drove his neighbor's NSX to his senior prom! People with sweet cars (of which the Viper is one), are very often more than happy to let kids who love their cars take em out for a spin.

    Everyone, take it easy on the name calling and finger pointing.

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    Re: member TNT such a bullshitter! look for the thumbnail that says Z06/Viper/Cobra Shootout near the bottom. It should have a picture of a grill of the Cobra.

    "The Chevy corvette z06 was proclaimed the winner, the both mustang cobra R and the Dodge Viper ACR were closley behind"

    The only good vipers are 96 and down(R/T)
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    I would disagree. I think the RT/10s look kinda disproportioned. I like the look of the GTS's much better. The Viper is only getting better with age. I wish they wouldn't have toned down the styling as much for the new one. The only thing I want is for the new GTS to look almost exactly like the GTS-R Concept. Then I will be happy.
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    i like the old rt/10 style rather than the 2003 concept,who else thinks the same.
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    Yea dude. Who cares if no one believes you. I could say I drove my uncles's 911 (he owns a lumber company and is into german cars) around the block a few times when I was 17 (and I did too!) but if someone doesn't believe me that doesn't mean it didn't happen. If they don't want to believe you then that's their problem.
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    It's not that hard to believe. I knew a kid in high school who owned a Viper and he was only 15. Here in Texas you have to be 16 to get a drivers liscense. He wrapped it around a telephone pole, but he did drive it to school a couple times before that. A complete stranger offered to let me keep his H1 Hummer for a couple days. This thing was top of the line (bullet proof everything and self inflating tires). He said that I was cool and that he didn't have a way to get his $125,000 mercedes home. I drove the Hummer to his huge ass house and he told me to just keep it while he was out of town. I declined. I drive an Rx-7 and I felt like I was driving a friggin tank (a really expensive tank that I couldn't afford to fix if something happened). People with money don't care about that kind of stuff. It is their way of showing off their toys.

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