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  1. Guys, post here members that cannot log in since the new layout.

    So far, I've got:

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  4. He just told me this on Facebook:
    "So it's not taking any email addresses I currently use/remember. Would they be able to tell me the email?"
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  5. Add the member called mpg, he cannot login also.
  6. Sent you his email address on PM and looking for MPG
  7. sent you email account used for mpg account
  8. OK, gave both members their e-mail.
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  9. whoop, i'm in. thanks for the help guys!
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  10. so proud of you guys :D
  11. He just told me that, via his phone, he cannot log in. Is that possible?
  12. OK I have created a new password for him, also please update opening post that all who cant login please contact us with this form
  13. As soon as you posted this, he told me that's its working now, but I asked him to reset his password, just to make sure.
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  14. Anyone know The Niggar King / HippoCrusnEverything? if then please tell him to use "The Niggar King" as user name
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    Hahaha! He has to use that?


    EDIT: I have his email address so I'll let him know the news.
  16. The user "AbstractPoetic" was actually "CrystalBaller" before the switch. I've spoken to him about it, and he said he isn't too attached to the name, but has requested it be changed to "SEABEE" if possible
  17. I dunno what it actually logged me in as.
    I would like my username to be DIGGS. If possible.
  18. FYI guys all the talk about choosing new names and such is purely hypothetical at this stage, although it's super weird that some people seem to be logging into the same account as before but for some reason the username is different. Keep the requests coming for now but It may be that the people experiencing changed usernames on old accounts may be stuck with the new name.

    CB said he had no idea where the name "AbstractPoetic" came from, despite it being the new name of his account. The posts in chris' "hey" thread were definitely under "CrystalBaller" before the switch, so this new username has materialised from somewhere, It's just not clear yet where from.
  19. Just to clarify, you logged into the same account as before but the name has mysteriously changed, as per CB's issue above?
  20. I tried to log in as Scrotisimus. It said my password was wrong.. I used the forgot password link and it logged me in as labont865.
    I just looked at one of my old threads. It has all of my old posts as labont865
  21. Okay. Do you have any connection to "labont865"? any second accounts created from the same ip or anything like that?
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    Yeah it's my old email. May have used it between Mr. Vette and scrotisimus as a username. Don't really remember

    Edit: rather it's the old email I had my accounts linked to
  23. Ah, gotcha. Duly noted, and I'll raise this particular issue with changed usernames. on Snag List.
  24. Login successful!

    Thx admin and Vman

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