Members that cannot log in

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by V8stangman, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. What the...??
    Hahaha! Who's this guy?:D
  2. Hippo!
  3. 426Hemistage8 cannot log in
  4. I cant find him in our database, if 426Hemistage8 can remember his email then I can restore him
  5. Also he is one of the most notable and legendary members of all time so it would be a shame if he couldn't log in.
  6. 944turb0

    someone stole muh 130k post account and changed the e-mail years ago but since looks like it's back it's worth trying to recover

    is that even possible?
  7. I may be right in saying that, without the email address linked to the original account, it can't be resurrected. Currently talking to tech support (member _SC_) about getting hemi back on board, but he doesn't remember the email address he used previously. Still yet to hear back but I'll let you know how that turns out.
  8. can it at least say which e-mail it's under?

    i have some really creepy stalkers
  9. I sent you a PM
  10. If there is need for another ban hammer. I would gladly steal stangmans
  11. RIP new old numbers_
    Long live old old numbers_
  12. Yeah, he just told me on Facebook he cannot log in.
  13. I'm speaking to both hemi and _SC_ to try to get the account back up. as long as hemi can get into his old email address it should be fine
  14. Thanks for the name change admin.
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  15. It's odd that the first thread on the general chat page appeared to be "Paris attacks" with the latest post made by Hemistage. Then it changed to the current thread order. Wtf
  16. So you're scrotisimus?
  17. V4 got V3'd
  18. Ya
  19. Roger that
  20. I'm surprised it worked.

    To have all that information transported from that buggy format to this is impressive.

    Maybe this site has a future after all.
  21. Endly, logged in. Thanks to Veyronman, V8 Stangman and Admin
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  22. the "SWTipo" has changed to "ajzahm" in the switch and will need changing back.
  23. I was unable to long in. I sent my information to the 'contact us' page explaining I couldn't log in. If my old account cannot be retrieved, I guess I'll use this name from now on. New website looks great, I'll be recruiting 2 weeks from now at the supercar cruise.

    - AP

    PS, I just realized I used the wrong 'formally' (should have used 'formerly') ..... great
  24. What's your username of your old account? Also, do you remember the e-mail you had on that account?

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