Members that you miss

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RIDDIK, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Oh wow let contact admin about this unprofessional behavior
  3. Does Veyronman still post?
  4. I'm Bacon! lol

    I miss Alexus.
  5. Good call on reichs.

    Boris good enough
    Veyronman(post already you damn lurker)
    Sled driver

  6. I miss w00t/panda/turb0/SlaYeR/Noisy Sun/
  7. Why the #$%# does miss Zi2 no make sense,

    yeah Henrik was also one of the best members

  8. Zi2 was a bit of a nutcase. A village idiot is always fun to watch.
  9. And AjZahn
  10. You have a poor memory that is why. Henrikjostedt was sometimes ok, and sometimes an unbearable pos.
  11. And so are you. Zi2 served in the US Army, so at least he deserves respect. The biggest idiot of the village was and is Burner.
  12. 205t16 evo was an ugly socialist pos. Zi2, Pandabeat, Rafale, Slayer, Kamran, Sled, Buck Knutz, Gemballa, Boris and Slayer were entertaining.
  13. Yes, he contributed a lot to the forum but many people were not nice to him and that is why he left the forums.
  14. Are you nice to other people?
  15. He had a very Swedish demeanor

    in a good way
  16. Us army lol. One of the porest trainings of western armies. Its not that big of a deal. If he were a marine it would be different.
  17. It depends of who they are and if they were nice to me back on v2 and v3
  18. sigh
  19. what the
  20. Any western european army is beter trained. Israel too.
  21. The Israeli army is probably the best trained army in the world, They would have problem invading and occupying any country in the middle east and for that matter southern Europe.
  22. axel left because of the last crash. he lost a lot of pictures. i think that last crash was the last straw for a lot of people
  23. #$%#ing harka

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