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  1. I still think that is really low-balling it. Even if this story is fake, there have been other pilots that said how easily the plane could go over mach 3.5.
  2. I guess you're only bet is burning fuel in one engine and try spin the plane so you face earth/land and eject...
  3. I guess you could try asking the right people nicely...
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    It's just like a story from a fisherman, the size of the fish just goes up every time he tells the story.

    SR-71 have flown slightly higher than the official maximum of 85,000 feet but not that much higher if we talk about sustained horizontal flight and not during climb. It's official speed record is 2 193.2 mph or 1 905.8 knots.

    Speeds over mach 3.5 is not possible due to the maximum compressor inlet temperature of 427 degC.

    Altitude and speed records can be found here
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    I bet you it can go faster. An old british lightning aircraft can almost match those figures. Infact im pretty sure a starfighter in a zoom went over 100,000 feet.
  6. Saab Johan and MaxQ, with all due respect, #$%# you. You killed my buzz.

    In all seriousness, good read! Too bad its all fakery, as Captain McBuzzkills pointed out.
  7. Mach 3.2 safe speed. Actual top speed is probably wherever she starts to burn up.
  8. You could get pretty high, but that's nowhere even close to orbital speeds, and they're still pretty deep in the atmosphere comparatively.
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    Do want.

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    Insanity! But still not as cool as the thrust vectoring R/C fighter jets.
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    Fully sick.
  12. It has been my favorite aircraft ever since I started to like aircrafts.
  13. Am I a piece of shit if I like the Mig-25 a little bit more?
  14. youre just wrong
  15. communist
  16. There's something badass about the Foxbat. Even though it never had quite what was needed to catch the SR-71, it's still a cool plane, it's like the muscle car of the sky.

    Go for the MiG-31 though. It's the 25, plus radar and turbofans so it can fly longer.

    Was just thinking, I read "The Right Stuff" for a journalism class and just remembered the last chapter. Yeager goes up in this experimental Starfighter that could go so high into the upper atmosphere that it needed a vernier jet on the nose to get back to earth.

    He loses control of it, goes into a death-spin, pulls it out of the spin, goes into another spin, engines catch on fire, uses the break shoot, shoot catches on fire, goes into another spin, ejects, catches on fire as he's gliding, shatters his jammed visor with his fist so he doesn't choke to death, and lands. Then this guy comes off the highway to see if he's okay, half his body is burned up and he borrows the guy's knife so he can cut his gloves off. His god damned finger falls off, the guy starts puking and Yeager says to suck it up.

    Total badass.
  17. Some muscle cars can do what they were supposed to without swapping the engine after every run.

    Though, I'm not sure if that makes the foxbat more or less cool.
  18. Man that thing hold the altitude record at 128,000ft, that's cool
  19. Level flight, pshhhhhhhh
  20. my uncle was training to fly the SR 71 when they scrapt the project

    He did fly the F4 & F15
  21. #$%#ing communist bastard, living on the government's dime.
  22. You wish you were cool and got to fly the F15
  23. Did you fly in a F15?

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