memory card markings are ridiculous

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  1. its a class 10 but also uhs class 3, bus also ush bus I. this one is 95mb/s, and I have another one with those exact same ratings but is only 48mb/s. there is no logic in all these ratings and classifications.

    sony is now releasing one that can read and write 300mb/s but its uhs ii only, and I don't own a single device that supports that. but it doesn't matter because samsung is about to release uhs format storage that is based on pcie/ssd transfer protocols and can do 500+mb/s and you'll have to buy all new shit anyway if you want speeds that fast.
  2. dont computers come with memory
  3. too bad processing power sucks still
  4. memory card markings are ridiculous!
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  6. i don't like having to become a god damn electrical engineer every time i need to buy a new memory card.
  7. just read some reviews on
  8. What are you using these cards for? High speed 4K video?
  9. High speed continuous shooting in RAW, copying huge chunks of data on or off it in one go.
  10. just use the cloud man

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