merc makes the best car no matter what year

Discussion in '1938 Mercedes-Benz W125 Record' started by 350Z Man, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. this car is ugly
  2. Moron, you obviously dont know that this car was built for aerodynamics, and not styling.......
  3. that was the best design is really surprising that the guys
    at m.b. could think of a design so ahead of their times.
  4. The car was designed to go so fast that it can drive on the water, invade the US and the rest of the world and kill everybody before they knew what was going on. But in the end it just got a role in the Batman movies.
  5. its a shame you werent around to read the threads from the last version of youd have found out you know more about this car than half the people posting comments at the time.
  6. Yeah, this car was built for aerodinamics... thats kinda sad what happened to that guy... he died from the thingie...
  7. is this car bulid for records
  8. what i wanna know is, why hasnt anybody beaten this yet?
  9. This car is amazing.
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  12. nice car
  13. oh man..on the last forum..we were arguing about how big the elastic band was turned to get it to go that fast...or how they mesaure the speed....oh boy..the good old forums..."miss's them"

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