Mercedes-Benz Reveals SLS AMG Black Series

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Nov 9, 2012.

  2. Admittedly it looks better in white, but I still think this looks like some Hamann hack job. In fact when I saw pics of it I thought it was Hamann.
  3. people here are potential buyers hmm k
  4. nah. you're wrong

    black editions are shitty rice
  5. Not all black editions looks rice. CLK 63 black edition looks good in person.
  6. SLK65 black was awesome
  7. SL65 black is awesome looking but it is piece of shit to drive.
  8. sl65 has terrible rimms
  9. i liked the clk63
  10. I generally hate this kind of thing
    but I don' looks really really cool
    like if whoever's been doing the mansory designs is no longer 12 years old
  11. We know you like rice
  12. *skips article*
  13. I really hate the look of the SLS and this does not help.
  14. I like noodles more.
  15. You mean SL65 BS?

    I forgot about that one.
  16. there was an SLK BS too with a fixed roof, the first one. I think it sucked though
  17. probably like it in not yellow
  18. Super sonic
  20. It wasn't an SLK65 though.
  21. I've convinced myself he did the clearslider
  22. SLK65 would be pretty hairy

    SLK with SLR engine.
  24. Yeah I remember now. I think we had a thread about it longgggg time ago
  25. remove the s dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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