Mercedes considering CL, CLK name change?

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    Mercedes CL and CLK names say "Auf wiedesehen..."

    Mercedes-Benz may decide to call a coupe a coupe starting next year. If you want a CLK after 2009, you might have to settle for an E-Class Coupe or E-Class Convertible. Want a 2-door S-Class around the same time? Then you're after the S-Class Coupe. We don't know the reason for the potential name changes, especially since the cars have such great equity -- and taking eight minutes to say E-Class Coupe Black Series doesn't have nearly the to-the-point hotness of CLK Black Series, even though it's the same number of "syllables". The CL change might make more sense as the car wasn't a huge sales success, but drop those letters in conversation and you still get a forceful point across. We can only hope that the bard was right, and that a rose by any other name...
  2. Just call them SEC and CE again?
  3. They changed them from the S and E class coupe during the 90s. They probably need to use the E class chassis if theyre going to call the CLK the E.

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