Mercedes SLR 722 special edition roadster

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  1. Mercedes SLR 722 special edition cabrio

    Sensational Mercedes-McLaren supercar has a trim.

    Auto Express Car Reviews
    By Conor Mills
    08th August 2008

    Our spies have lifted the lid on Mercedes-McLaren’s most sensational cabrio to date. The SLR is fast approaching the end of its seven-year lifespan and the Anglo-German partnership has no intention of letting the controversial supercar drive off quietly into the sunset.

    The SLR 722 cabrio is the special edition version of the standard model and will most likely boast the same 5.4-litre, V8 AMG, supercharged engine that drives its hard-top sibling. This will mean about 650bhp, a 0-60mph time of around 3.0 seconds and an enormous 800Nm+ of torque!

    Our exclusive pictures show the 722 roadster completly undisgusied. And it looks like it will be almost identical to the hard-top, except for its canvas roof, which takes a mere 10 seconds to fold away. It will also use the familiar mid engine - rear wheel drive setup.

    The special edition roadster gets its name from the famous Stirling Moss victory in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR which displayed on it, the number 722.

    Details on the 722 roadster’s release date are not yet known but it is expected to be early 2009 and it is expected it will carry a price tag of around £400,000.
  2. I cant #$%#ing express how much I HATE that chrome lip.
  3. diss the rear lights, that clear cover sucks
  4. Wut?
  5. I love those wheels
  6. the normal slr looks like crap and this is no exception. in fact, it looks even worse.
  7. a penis with chrome
  8. the fold-away roof is just wrong...
  9. Looks like a dildo
  10. This car is awesome. I'd love to have one here. You guys suck. Though, I've never liked the 722 wheels.
  11. More than the upcoming 599 cabrio or the Carrera GT?
  12. i love it, looks great.
  13. they design/build such spuercars but can�t fit the license plate properly <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. the top is an ugly color
  15. mercedes rulzz <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. ha ha...they are really putting some effort into getting rid of the last chassis and body parts in stock....Now with the SL BS it is even more pointless....
  17. w00t??? What's a goos looking car for you, then? A Pinto perhaps? It's probably one of the few german cars that make you fall in love at first sight!
  18. The worst car McLaren ever built. A playboys trophy trinket, nothing more and nothing less. Does the chest wig and gold medallion come as optional extras or are they included with the car?

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