Mercedes SLR might just become the perfect sport cars

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    I came across a great article by Robert Farage that talks about making the perfect sports car.

    Performance and luxury in cars are almost always a comprimise. Fast cars are a pain to drive, and luxury cars aren't fast enough.

    Here is a quote, the conclusion of that article, that suggests that the Mercedes SLR might just be the perfect sports car:

    "And there you have it, my recipe for the perfect sports car: combine the raw ingredients from the world of performance with the creature comforts from our luxury cousins. Obviously, it's a constant struggle to cook up the right combination. Porsche makes the Carrera faster, safer and more civilised, and its core market accuses it of going soft. BMW makes a luxury barge handle, and its core market buys it and enjoys it. The point is this: you CAN have the best of both worlds- just as soon as they make a Fercedes or a Merrari. Roll on the Mercedes SLR!"

    We'll have to see if it is.
    See the full article at:
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    we will never see this on the streets, so no worries<!-- Signature -->

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