Mercedes SLR vs BMW Z9

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. both of them are beautiful and expensive cars, but which one is better tho???????????????
  2. i would take the BMW
  3. concept versus real car, can't decide
  4. Being ones a concept car you cant compare. But Mercedes wins because the Z9 is also ass ugly
  5. Crap, the ugly front makes that Bangled rear look the best part of the car! There are a lot of similarities between the Z9 and the 6Series, but somehow, and at least for me, the 6series feels like harmony, and this one just doens't seem right. SLR undoubtely!
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  8. I prefer the SLR
  9. Good poll..
  10. Wasn't the Z9 a diesel? Anyway, I just love the SOUND that the SLR makes, sort of like a WW2 fighter Messeschmidt. I'd take it just because of that. Love the looks on both cars though.
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  12. I really wonder why...

    How could you compare the two?
  13. Z9=6 series
  14. what he said.

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