Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster revealed

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    From Autoblog:

    After the endless parade of rumors, conjecture, spy shots and even official information, Mercedes-Benz has finally dropped the full batch of details and photos of its latest flagship: the SLS AMG Roadster.

    The new droptop loses the gullwing doors of its coupe counterpart, but those German engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure it loses nothing else in the process. Chopping the roof, fitting conventional doors, and stiffening the body as required results in a convertible that only weighs 88 lbs more than the coupe. The roof-available in black, red or beige-can be dropped or raised in just eleven seconds at speeds up to 31 mph.

    Top speed is electronically limited in either position to 197 mph, while officially quoted acceleration times, for some reason, drop from 3.8 seconds in the gullwing coupe to 3.7 in the Roadster. Along with the convertible roof, Mercedes has also packed in a new electronically-controlled Adaptive AMG Sport Suspension, AMG Performance Media system to track and display vehicle telemetrics, and an AMG Drive Unit to control it all.
  2. Nice, looks about 100 times better than the normal coupe.
  3. There's lots of more pics on the link
  4. nice merc sl

    give me a regular sls
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  7. This is not a hardtop
  8. She looks nice.
  9. I really like the look of the coupe, but still I agree with the Australian of questionable mental stability.
  10. can you show me the math behind this post
  11. 100 + coupe = roadster
  12. The gull wing doors is what sets the SLS apart from other luxury sport cars. You are better off with the SL.
  13. He said 100 TIMES better. Not 100 better. The correct math goes like this:

    100c = R

    Where 'c' is the coupe form and 'R' is the roadster.

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  14. thus
  15. I don't know what it is, but I really don't find the SLS attractive.
  16. I failed in maths at school.
  17. they look more impressive in real life. so #$%#ing wide
  19. sls looks great irl, modern and classic all at once, the amg version loses that character.
  20. Pretty pointless when you can have the scissor door version AND a new SL next year
  21. There is a non amg sls?
  22. it's called the SLS AMG because it was completely designed and engineered by AMG... there's no standard model.
  23. lol yeah i don't know what i was thinking. brain fart.

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