Mercedes Supercar vs Mercedes Supercar!

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  1. They're both Mercedes-Benzes. And the C111 was also a supercar in its own right.

    For those who don't know the C111 Mk IV, it is the fourth iteration of the proposed MB supersports car, the C111. The Mk1 C111 is a mid-engined, wedge-shaped, gullwing coupe that had a 280hp wankel rotary engine. Its fourth iteration, the MkIV had a modified V8 from the 450SE that produced "only" 500hp. Whats significant about it was the record it made. It was able to reach a top speed of 250mph! At that time (1980's) the only other car that was able to do that was a Porsche with 1000hp.

    Too bad it never made it to production. It was already production ready and was also a daily driver.

    And Btw, the C111 can't be found in
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    How much did the C111 MK IV weight? It produced 112 less bhp, went 59mph faster, and was some 10 years older. So it had to have weighed a lot less than this... right?<!-- Signature -->
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    man, I have also heard about this car, but it is very hard to find any info about it. As fas as I know they made like 200 of them. Now, the c112 remained only a prototype. It was also a very extreme machine.<!-- Signature -->
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    Although only 500bhp, it went 250mph because of weight and the aerodynamics.
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    The c111 was a concept and has a power of 900+ Hp... but in a race track.. it would be smoked... knowing the fact that the CLK-GTR only has 612 hp, it's superb aerodynamics would prive itself... also chect the Lotec C1000 if you dig the MB C111

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