Mercedes under fire for GL-Class ads

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    Mercedes under fire for GL-Class ads

    The National Advertising Division of the Council for Better Business Bureaus has publicly stated that Mercedes-Benz should remove a commercial for its GL-Class full-size SUV that shows the vehicle ramming a crash sled and repelling it. Despite the fact that the ad in question contains a disclaimer tag at the bottom of the screen that states actual side impact tests incur "significant" body damage, the NAD thinks consumers might not get the fact that Mercedes is using hyperbole to demonstrate the GL's abilities.

    The NAD must figure we're all scarecrows on our way to the Wizard for a brain, and until we get one it's their job to point out the obvious for us. We'll lay it out for the NAD so it doesn't have to worry about gullible consumers: the GL-Class can't repel side impact barriers, can't set slalom cones on fire, and can't swallow an entire home's worth of furniture. The only thing the NAD has shown by creating this issue out of nothing is that it's as dumb as it thinks we are.

    [Source: BrandWeek via eMercedesBenz]

    The video
  2. "The only thing the NAD has shown by creating this issue out of nothing is that it's as dumb as it thinks we are."

  3. If you think a car would come away undamaged, you deserve to be injured in it.
  4. That is such a nice SUV. I dont know which one I like more thought
    the G class or GL.
  6. I really don't like the GL, but less so than the R.
  7. How #$%#ing stupid are people?
  8. Actually I found the commercial kind of entertaining but we all know that the same people who are going to buy this have Hummers. And we all know what kind of damage they've been known to do with those.
  9. hahahaha

    'we gave it more handling'

    so american
  10. Stop being so fatuous, americans.
  11. wow.. besides the crap ad, it seems to be a decent car. supposed future rivals are...?
  12. oh well... i think the GL is beutiful. the only problem with some people is that u judge a car by the pictures and other peoples thoughts i dont.... wen u see a car in real life ull actually notice how good it is.... btw here is the Mercedes Gullwing concept due in 2011 for all those gullwing fans out there
  14. you need to die
  15. wtf? you're back again? Dammit!

    but, this is stupid, americans can't all. I found the commercials very entertaining.
    There was also the G-Class commercial like the GL. Where it broke through the crash barrier, and then broke through all the subsequent walls. I assume it wasn't aired in the US? or was it?
  16. well, using their logic, the Toyota Tundra ads are just as bad.
  17. I like the response! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  18. how freakin true. p-c bureaucrats...
  19. how freakin true. p-c bureaucrats...

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