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Discussion in '2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R' started by Mustang Cobra R, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Before you bash this car, before you mock its price, performance, seating capacity (for some ODD reason), handling, etc. look deeper. Look past the $54,000 price tag that comes with this seemingly ordinary Mustang. Look at the 5.4 litre V8. Look at the limited amount of units made. Look at the tradition. Look at the rarity. Look at the most powerful factory pony car before 2003. Look at the fact that it pushes the class envelope, leading the way for new cars like the 03 Cobra. So before you open your mouth and spit out some stupid video gamer comment like "I can pay $100,00 more and get a Ferrari 360 Stradale and kick the crap out of this AND get AC and stereo!" think. Thanks.
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    Most people on this site (or anywhere for that matter) are stupid and don't think.
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    i dont like ford, but even i think you have a very good point
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    good posts!

    Steps to easier posting
    1. Don't be such a stupid biased loser
    2. Don't make dumbass remarks, when you are being realistic
    3. Research, study, think, then post!

    People don't think enough, and we get forums filled with crap

    Too bad there is no cure for stupidity

    btw This car is AWESOME!!!
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    who wants 2 bash this car??? who ever does....................................................................ur a *****
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    Finally, a forum where people are smart and like all fast cars, not just the company that makes them. Thanks for proving that there are so intelligent people on this site
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    dude look at the 2000 ford mustang boss concept if you want the best mustang ever because the specs are way better but i doubt the 0-60 in 1.9 sec. thing
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    Yourself included <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    ya ur so right, and every1 thats a biased jackass should just kidding, but ur post actually does make u think bout the big picture...and for all you biased losers that love corvettes and think that nothing in the world can beat ur favorite car, trust any car that u are so biased 2 from 2000 would get killed by this car (of course in the class) so ever1 that loves thERE favortie car and nothing else, just look at some other cars, maybe you'll like them too
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    i do not like it. iam dodge person myself
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    stop disgracing my name.
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    hows he disgracing ur name....Just wondering
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    PASSWORD, SHUT THE HELL UP! DAMNIT! You're ruining ANOTHER forum. Some dood makes a good post, a lot of people agree with it and applaud it, and all you do is say stupid BS like "you're insulting my name" when NOBODY DID! GET A LIFE DAMNIT! You're just mad that someone made a good post that indirectly targets you. A VERY good post indeed.
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    You are not making not 1 bit of sense. Are you plain dingi or just F#cked up?
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    the latter probably.
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    Yeah I bet.
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    Ive noticed he's not around on the Ford forums that much anymore. its a good thing. I guess he just got tired of us proving him wrong.
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    Yea we pretty much ran his ass out of here and took the fight back over to the Honda forums.
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    Long live Ford.
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    finally a good forum (as long as you minus that password please guy) i hate it when people just say mindless things, it gets very anoying when people have absolutly no clue what they are talking about. by the way this car is incredible.
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    Yeah, password has been pissing me and joecobra off for quite a while now. Im glad he doesnt post often on these forums anymore (the Ford forums).
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    Hopefully we won't hear from him over here anymore.
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    I love the body kit and especially that rear wing!

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