MG Xpower SV-R

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  1. MG XPower SV-R: The MG XPower SV-R is a track-oriented version of the carbon-bodied SV coupe launched earlier this year, it has lowered double-wishbone suspension all round, a 385 bhp quad-cam 5.0 V8 developed from the Ford-sourced 4.6-litre unit, and new six-spoke 20-inch wheels with uprated Brembo disc brakes. Packing 510Nm of torque, the SV-R is good for 175 mph and 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds.

    MG XPower SV-R: The car on display featured lurid 'Orange Fire' paint, carbonfibre side air vents (an option), black leather/alcantara seats, automatic climate control, a six-speaker CD player, sat nav and deep wool carpets - not that useful for the track, but underlining MG Rover's intention of marketing it as a top-end dual purpose road-going racing machine
  2. 997 S please.
  3. A bit too pricey, but oh my god!!!! A screeming orgasm on 4 wheels...
  4. They need to put a little more of punch into it...
  6. AMV8 please.
  7. It needs far more power (Nitro anyone?). Apart from that, I would prefer it to a hum-drum Porsche...
  8. no porsche or AM competitor i think, but a TVR one
  9. a TVR competitor? - it weighs 400kg more and has less power than the cheaper Tuscan S, which IMO looks better and now with the russian (nikolai someone) in charge they will have similar build quality, with the TVR having a nicer interior. this MG is too overpriced to directly compete with anyone. i would take a Tuscan, 911S or AMV8.
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  11. Ding ding ding!
  12. originaly you could order these with upto 765bhp from a 5.0 ford V8 but it turns out that all the orders were for the 385bhp model.

    originally planned as well was a 965bhp model using nitrous but it didnt work out.

  13. I'd pick that over a 996/997
  14. Top gear's review of it was less than stellar. It didn't really hang with other cars in it's price range. The one that they used was a 400 hp model. It didn't post as good of a track time as a GT3 or CSL. The interior was pretty bad. The coup de grace though was that on a new car, the gauges didn't work. The comment was that the TVR would be more reliable (yoiks!).
  15. Unlike a 996/997, THIS will turn heads on the street. It's also got a comfy interior and is nice to sit in.

    I'd still take an F355.
  16. I'd factory mod it to 700bhp. Then, unlike most of the other modded cars, this will have factory warranty... and that feature that automatically notifies a nearby dealer about technical problems would come in handy too.
  17. it was only a unfinished prototype at the time, it may have posted a better time if clarkson didnt break the box beforehand. and it was the 380 model.

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