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  1. A rubber bumper MGB I'm working on for a friend...
  2. what year? and did you recommend that colour or did the customer distinctly ask for it?
  3. it's a '78, and I kind of steered him towards it. Originally he was going to do silver, then thought that BRG woudl be good. I told him that silver would be too bland on that version of the car, and BRG simply too common.
  4. I've never seen that colour used on a B before and I must say I like it.
  5. this is the first colour matched rubber bumper car I've ever liked.
  6. Woah. It looks alot more modern with the body colored bumpers. It's still prefer the euro/oldschool chrome bumpers.
  7. That model had the black rubber bumpers.
  8. Well, there are more in the garage now. the gold one is waiting for re-assembly, and there is a '73 GT being readied for paint:

  9. Finally ready for paint:
  10. jambs are done in British Racing Green...


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