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  1. Pedo bear is crying.
  2. you are dead inside ,
  3. well thats true
  4. this really went downhill
  5. There is nothing wrong with mourning the death of someone who brought light to people's lives through music. Non-immediate family deaths often don't bother me because they had little to no impact on my daily life. Michael Jackson sung about shit that was within all of us and he brought it out. What is wrong with missing a person who made you feel alive?

    More and more I find media paranoia stupid. If we don't like celebrity, government, and other forms of media, then we don't have to watch it.
  6. People are taking this way too seriously.
  7. the Ferguson made me lol
    sad day for pop though.

  8. The best joke of all is a black guy turning white and then singing "it don't matter if you're black or white"...

    Lol, MJ is like the greatest racist in history.

    I can't believe he had black fans worshiping him.

  9. So, the news said these things have been revealed:

    He wore a wig because he was actually going bald.
    He had 13 plastic surgeries.
    He is NOT the biological father of his children.
    His stomach had been pumped multiple times for drug overdoses over the last few years.
  10. the only one that doesnt surprise me is #3, but lucky for them i guess. he shouldn't be allowed to raise childrenn
  11. *Reports of his death are incorrect. He's been found in a children's ward having a stroke.

  12. The kids are white.
    Even though his skin is white, you would assume that he'd be firing sperm with black genes.
  13. 2 bleks can still have white kids. and the mother for 2 of them is white
  14. What was Michael Jackson doing at K-Mart? he heard boy's underwear was half off.

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